Fathers Day

The big celebration of Fathers Day took place yesterday. Kent and Susan invited all the fathers in the family for a meal of salmon, hamburgers, chicken, and hot dogs. Here is Susan and Jill at the grill.

Susan and Jill at the grill

Derek and Sarah were on vacation and Paul was camping in our old rickety tent. Daniel was working but Steven and Adelaide came. The food was very good and afterwards Melissa showed some slides on her Apple computer. Robert received his Fathers Day gifts as we would not be seeing him on Sunday. Looking at the food I said “OK, you can get seconds now.” Randy said, “I’m already on fourths.”

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5K Fun Run

Today at 8 am was the Kaysville South Stake 8th Annual 5K “Family Run/Walk”, or sometimes referred to as The Dork Walk. My wife and I participated along with my brother Mike. Here we are before the race.

Start of 5K in 2008 Rick, Jill, Mike

Brian used a computer to register everyone and to record their times at the finish. Last year I ran in 32 minutes so I was trying to beat that time. As my brother registered the lady asked him what age category he was in, 50+ or 60+. Mike got his tag with his name on it and said, “Can I start running now?” It seemed like levity was the order of the day and when I asked her if she would watch my glasses for me she offered to also look after my wallet. Any sort of transportation was allowed so long as it wasn’t motorized.

Brian and assistant registering the runners at the bowery

A wheelchair runner

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Chiastic Snack

One jar of pickled onions.
Two slices of wheat bread.
Three slices of cheese.
Two cut pickled onions.
One big mouth.

Jar of pickled onions imported from England

Preparing the sandwich

Mmmm tasty!

Of course the above is not a very good chiastic verse. One, two, and three are not the main objects in the sentences. Think more like bread, cheese, onions, and mouth. It could be re-written to demonstrate chiasmus much better. I will leave that as an exercise for the student. For more information on chiasmus, check out these Ensign articles:

Research and Perspectives: Hebrew Literary Patterns in the Book of Mormon
A Clear Poetic Voice

Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

For a week Jill took off on vacation with her father, sister, brother, nephew, and two nieces. The trip objective was to ride the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. This locomotive is not some old steam engine, but a high class train.

Here is Jill enjoying the weather. Hmm it is June isn’t it?

Before the train ride was a stop at Black Canyon of the Gunnison. A beautiful sight don’t you think?

A look at Mesa Verde is a must just to see how the other half live. This for sure beats the Parade of Homes.

After deciding they really prefer to ride in a car, love the Wasatch Range, and find their own abodes desirable, the travelers headed home.
Rickety signature.

Square Meal

Last Sunday we went to Steven and Adelaide’s home to celebrate Jill’s birthday with a meal made by Adelaide, our daughter-in-law. It was great food and all served on square plates. It is Paul’s first square meal in quite awhile.

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Farmington Frontrunner

I had an opportunity to take a few photographs of Frontrunner when I went to pick Jill up at the Farmington Station. I haven’t been around a train for awhile so it appeared larger to me. I haven’t ridden it yet but I will soon.

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Zion Vacation 2008

Zions Vacation

Beginning Zions Vacation

Monday 12th May 2008 found Jill, Paul, me, Adelaide, and Steven ready to set off for a few days of vacation. We were leaving zion and heading for Zion. We left Kaysville (zion) to stop by West Jordan (not zion) to pick up my brother Mike. Onward then to Zion National Park for some camping and hiking. Mike and I had hard duty in securing and staying in motel rooms in case it rained.

We took a lot of photographs but here are just a few so you get a flavor of what we did.

On our trip down at Scipio it started to snow so those motel rooms were looking very desirable. The snow cleared by the time we got to Zion.

Here are some of the peaks that we were running all over for a few days. Here is a video of the trail to Angels Landing. Jill led the way to the Emerald Pools (video).

Taking our own picture ready for an assault on the nearest peak. Left to right: Paul, Mike, Jill, Adelaide, Steven, and Rick.

Steven is about to ascent the final leg of Angels Landing. The wind was up and that added to the experience.

The hottub at Hurrican Comfort Inn

Unfortunately some of us drew the short straws and were forced to check out the facilities at Camp Comfort.