5K Fun Run

Today at 8 am was the Kaysville South Stake 8th Annual 5K “Family Run/Walk”, or sometimes referred to as The Dork Walk. My wife and I participated along with my brother Mike. Here we are before the race.

Start of 5K in 2008 Rick, Jill, Mike

Brian used a computer to register everyone and to record their times at the finish. Last year I ran in 32 minutes so I was trying to beat that time. As my brother registered the lady asked him what age category he was in, 50+ or 60+. Mike got his tag with his name on it and said, “Can I start running now?” It seemed like levity was the order of the day and when I asked her if she would watch my glasses for me she offered to also look after my wallet. Any sort of transportation was allowed so long as it wasn’t motorized.

Brian and assistant registering the runners at the bowery

A wheelchair runner

We set off at 8:10 am in very fine weather, not too hot. There were about 200 runners, some very good ones too.
Beginning of the 5K race at the Gardens Chapel

I ran quickly at the start. My plan was to run until I was tired and then walk until I was rested and then run again. A third of the way into the race while I was walking Mike caught up to me so I snapped his photograph.
Mike catching up to me a third of the way into the race

The sun was shining as we ran east past the Junior High. Two thirds into the course there was a street with a high water table and the Datwyler’s stopped for a drink. As I moved ahead onto the frontage road I thought I heard the Datwyler’s saying that they would “keep up with Rick and overtake him at the end.” They moved ahead when I slowed to a rickety walk but I kept pace with them and at the end I overtook them and raced to the finish.

Running east past the Junior High
Stopping for water two miles into the run

Along Burton Lane a car somehow mingled into the runners. It turned out it was some hooligan with his wife wanting to join in. After saying hello to my neighbors the Peterson’s I took off to stay ahead of my brother.The Peterson's say hello

Mike came in three minutes behind me and Jill was not far behind. There was fruit and fluid to refresh the body.

Jill makes a strong 150th finish

Mike relaxes after finishing well in the race

Here are the stats:

  • Rick 36 minutes 28 seconds, 106th, 8th in class.
  • Mike 39 minutes 23 seconds, 114th, 9th in class.
  • Jill 45 minutes 19 seconds, 150th, 4th in class.

Finishing 8th in my age group


  1. You should invite Mike to view as he is the reason we ran this.

  2. Jill,

    Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve sent Mike the link.

  3. Brian Child says

    Great Blog – Thanks for allow me to view it. You do great work Rick!

  4. Thanks Brian, too bad you didn’t get to run.

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