Past Pictures: 25 Years Of House Anniversaries

1st year anniversay

1987: 1st year house anniversary. Only four children

Each year in October, on the anniversary of the day we moved into our home, we take photographs of our family on the steps and just the children in front of our tree. Jill’s idea was to build up a collection of photographs to look back on.

4th year anniversary

1990: 4th year house anniversary. Daniel born in 1989

On this the 25th house anniversary year, we collected as many of the photographs as we could find and display here one for each year. Some are temporarily misplaced, so there are gaps in the record. However, we expect to find the missing years eventually.

5th year anniversary

1991: 5th year house anniversary

On the first house anniversary, Jill wrote:

We had a birthday party celebrating the day we moved into our home. Sarah brought the puzzle home from church so we put it together. Steven made the decorations. We all gave a present to the house by picking up all the garbage scattered around outside. Then we took some family pictures on the front porch. Inside we sang “Happy Birthday Dear Home” and celebrated with cake and ice cream.

6th year anniversary

1993: 7th year house anniversary. Using our tree as a backdrop

1987 Journal entry:

Monday 26th October 1987
We had a very fine FHE — the 1st birthday of our home. We even had a cake with one candle for refreshments. We took 2 photos of the family outside the house. The actual birthday is the 15th of October. Jill did the lesson — seems like Jill and I at one time were hard-pressed to come up with a lesson and didn’t like to do it. Now we both don’t like to give up our turn because we see it as a chance to teach the children something that we’re anxious for them to learn. We still have family prayers and read books to them. They like that.

9th year anniversary

1995: 9th year house anniversary. Sunday best

10th year anniversary

1996: 10th year house anniversary. Utah Centennial

11th year anniversary

1997: 11th year house anniversary

12th year anniversary

1998: 12th year house anniversary. Steven made his first million

13th year anniversary

1999: 13th year house anniversary. Cousins Connor and Ashley join in

14th year anniversary

2000: 14th year house anniversary. Five millennials for the new millenium

15th year anniversary

2001: 15th year anniversary. First year using a digital camera

16th year anniversary

2002: 16th year house anniversary. Steven is on his mission in Chile

17th year anniversary

2003: 17th year anniversary. Steven on his mission

18th year anniversary

2004: 18th year house anniversary. Steven returns. Paul on his mission in California

19th year anniversary

2005: 19th year anniversary. Paul on his mission. Derek, Sarah’s husband, center

20th year anniversary

2006: 20th year house anniversary. Paul returns. Jake on his mission in Mexico

21st year anniversary

2007: 21st year house anniversary. Jake on his mission

22nd year anniversary

2008: 22nd year house anniversary. Jake returns. Adelaide, Steven’s wife, far left. First grandchild, Bryson

23rd year anniversary

2009: 23rd year anniversary. Daniel on his mission in Mongolia. First granddaughter, Aurora. Sarah’s family in Texas

24th year anniversary

2010: 24th year house anniversary. Daniel on his mission. Second granddaughter, Cassandra. Jake engaged to Rachel. Sarah’s family returns

25th year anniversary

2011: 25th year house anniversary. Daniel returns. Paul engaged to Megan

2012: 26th year house anniversary. Second grandson, Jameson. Just prior to trick-or-treating.


Added 2012 photograph.

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Past Pictures: Jill and Baby

Jill and baby

Jill and baby

 Jill has been scanning slides of late to preserve them digitally.

For those that know our family can you guess:

  1. Where the photograph was taken?
  2. The year and month?
  3. Who is Jill holding?


Sarah guessed correctly:

  1. McKay-Dee Hospital, Ogden.
  2. December 1983.
  3. Sarah.

Here is the full image, which with all the pink would have really given away who the baby was:

Jill and baby Sarah

Jill and baby Sarah

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Past Pictures: 15 Free Dual Screen Wallpapers

Yesterday I was downloading a number of free dual screen wallpapers. It occurred to me to make some of my own. Here are fifteen of my first efforts. They can be used for any purpose, without attribution. Click on the images to access the 3000 x 1200 resolution photographs. Join in the voting and let me know which one you like best. I am keeping a tally at the end of the post. I used a Canon Powershot SD870 IS and a SD800 IS to take the photographs.

See also 12 Free Dual Screen Wallpapers.

Water fowl at the Utah Botanical Center in Kaysville.

A train somewhere between Keller and Kaysville.

Saint George Temple, Utah

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Past Pictures: Daniel Campaigns for Student Body Officer

Vote Dan Willoughby poster on a wall of Davis High School

Dan’s poster on a wall of Davis High School

Today in the Past Pictures series I also have moving pictures. In 2007 Daniel ran for Student Body Officer at Davis High School. This is his campaign video which was a big factor in his being elected. If you do not see the video in your feed reader, try here. The inside of Davis High was awash in campaign posters (3.4 Mb image). Dan’s poster is on the railing, 16th from the left.

Elected with Daniel was Danny Anderson, Alex Gerrish, Steve Pitcher, Jon Rose, Mitch Steed, and Cam Turnbow. Notice that these are all young men. The theory goes that the Sophomore girls are the major voting block and so one should produce your campaign video to appeal to them. You also might want a great campaign manager like Daniel had in his older brother Paul.


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Past Pictures: Hill Aerospace Museum

Jake and Paul at the Hill Aerospace Museum.
In April 2001 I took my sons Paul and Jake to Hill Aerospace Museum. We had a great time looking at all the planes. Some of the early biplanes looked rather rickety. The admission was free and along with the planes there were a number of displays that taught us about events in history like the Doolittle Raid. Here is what the museum website says about itself:

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Past Pictures: Temple Site

The Temple Lot

In 1979 I visited the United States for the first time. This photograph was taken with my camera while I was in Independence. Independence is an interesting place to visit. The most fascinating spot is the Temple Lot, mostly because of its history. There is nothing on the two-acre site except grass with a church building on it and the sign you see me standing by. The building is the headquarters of the Church of Christ (Temple Lot).


On July 20, 1831, the Prophet Joseph Smith received another revelation with more details about the temple site. Joseph Smith who originally dedicated the temple site in 1831, and his followers, were evicted from Missouri in 1839 before a temple could be built on the Temple Lot. In 1847, the city of Independence formally incorporated with the Temple Lot. The Church of Christ Temple Lot returned in 1867 and purchased the temple lot properties, including the dedicated site for the temple. In 1891, the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, sued in the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri to take possession of the property. It won in lower court but lost in the Court of Appeals on the basis that it had waited more than 20 years to make a claim. The United States Supreme Court refused to review the case. Ground was broken on April 6, 1929, for the construction of a temple, with instructions that the temple was to be completed within seven years. The Church of Christ (Temple Lot) never completed construction of the temple.

The Temple Lot Today

The Church of Christ (Temple Lot) maintains a visitor’s area on the lower level of the church. They have stated that they will not cooperate with other Latter Day Saint organizations in building a temple, nor will it sell the Temple Lot.

Past Pictures: A Double Blessing

Ray with son David (left) and Rick with son Jacob

The picture quality is not that great. It is a scan of a photograph from twenty-one years ago. My brother is on the left with his son David and I am holding my son Jacob. My wife Jill and sister-in-law Susan were both pregnant and due in the same month. We all liked the name of David so we agreed that whichever child was born first would take the name David. Susan’s baby came prematurely and so we chose Jacob to be our son’s name.

The photograph was taken shortly after we arrived home from the baby blessing at Church. That is why David and Jacob are dressed in white. Though Ray is not a member of the Church I asked him if he would like me to bless David along with Jacob.

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Past Pictures: Who’s the Dame?

Jill at 28

That dame sir, is my wife. Actually when this photograph was taken she wasn’t my wife. Twenty-eight years ago, when I took this picture with my rickety old camera, I was traveling with Jill and her parents and her sister and husband. We were married a few weeks later. It has been a happy twenty-eight years made even happier by the arrival of five children.

Past Pictures: My Parents

Occasionally I will post Past Pictures. In 1985 I was sent to England by my employer Sperry Corporation to upgrade a Voice Information Processing System. While I was there I visited my parents which turned out to be the last time I would see them. Pictured is me with my stepfather Geoffrey Morris and my mother Sadie. Jake, my #3 son, takes Geoffrey’s name as his middle name. Sadie is a nickname for Sarah which was my honor to name my daughter.

I visited with my brothers Ray and Mike and with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. I stayed with Ray, Susan, and Michelle for a few days and also with my parents. To be with family that you grew up with felt warm and good.