A Sister For Aurora

Adelaide and Steven and babyl
A new baby girl

At 3:49 am Jill received this text message from Steven:

Six pounds eleven ounces. Nineteen inches. Born at three twenty eight. We’re all doing well.

We went to see the new baby for a few minutes. Adelaide said that they went to the hospital at 12:30 and because three other women arrived at the same time, she wasn’t in her room until 1:30 am. Two hours later a little sister for Aurora was born.

Congratulations Adelaide and Steven!

Update Her name is Cassandra.

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How Many Toys Does It Take To Entertain Aurora?

As many as you can possibly find! Yesterday evening 6 month old Aurora came to visit her grandparents. So we got out a few toys to occupy her.
Aurora checks out the toys that surround her.
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How Many Toys Does It Take To Entertain Bryson?

As many as you can possibly find! This evening 24 days old Bryson came to visit his grandparents. So we got out a few toys to occupy him.
Bryson checks out the toys that surround him.
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Baby Bryson: Six Days Old

When we put Bryson on the floor he woke up but didn't cry

When we put Bryson on the floor he woke up but didn't cry

Bryson on the couch so I can get a better angle for the photographs

Bryson on the couch so I can get a better angle for the photographs

Derek and Sarah came by our house to eat with us on Sunday. They brought Bryson, who was born last Monday, along and I took the opportunity to take a few photographs. A six day old baby doesn’t move very much and his head is a little rickety so there is a limited amount of photography available. We also had to wait until he woke up. I mentioned that I have never heard Bryson cry and her parents said he would cry if you put him on the floor. I tried that but he didn’t cry. I think I’m going to like this baby.

I have placed online a high res (2.6 MB) image of Bryson.

Bryson at six days old

Bryson at six days old

The flash photography was bugging Bryson but he didn't complain

The flash photography was bugging Bryson but he didn't complain

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Derek, Sarah, and Bryson

Jill holding Bryson at the hospital

Jill holding Bryson at the hospital

It was a happy day as Bryson Henry Moss came into the world. Finally you can call me Grandpa Rickety. Here is how it all happened. Sarah had been having some labor pains Thursday so we were expecting an early arrival. On Friday morning Derek sent an email to Jill that read:

He was born last night!
Bryson Henry Moss, 7 lbs, 6 oz, 21 inches long!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations Grandma!!!!!!

It turns out he was just kidding so on Sunday Jill was skeptical when this text message arrived at 10:32pm:

We’re in the hospital. They are going to start her in probably a couple of hours. We’ll spend the night and probably have the baby some time in the morning.

Jill called Derek to see if he was joking again. This time it was the real thing. We went to sleep. Well, I did but Jill was too excited and she stayed up awhile longer. I told her to go to sleep, the baby isn’t going anywhere. Jill and I had already arranged to be off work on Monday because Sarah was going to be started today anyway. The following text messages arrived from Derek to keep us posted on the birth:

5:13am — She just had the eperderal put in. Jill texted: Dilated to what? Derek: Don’t know but she’s doing great now.
6:49am — She is at a 4, the doctor is here.
6:53am — Jill texted: Is the water broken? Derek: I think the doctor just broke it.
9:30am — She is at a 7 now.
11:13am — 9.
11:14am — Jill texted: Is the doctor there? Derek: No. He’s delivering another baby.
11:29am — She’s going to start pushing in a couple of minutes.
12:13pm — 8 lbs. 13 oz., 22 inches.

Bryson Henry Moss born 12:05pm., 8 lbs. 13 oz., 22 inches.

Congratulations Sarah and Derek. In a few days check Derek’s blog for some baby snaps.
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She will be a Girl

Adelaide and Steven expecting a girl.
This afternoon I was in the basement and I heard a-whooping and a-hollerin’ from upstairs. It was my wife reacting to some great news from Adelaide. I sensed what it was and it was so — our second grandchild will be a girl, expected on Valentines day. So Grandpa Rickety now has, or will have, one of each. About time we had some more girls in the family. I might mention that Adelaide smiles beautifully for every photograph whereas Steven contorts his face as much as he can at just the right time to ruin the picture. So we are really lucky to have this photograph.
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Grandpa Rickety Twice Over

Adelaide and Steven

This is a family blog so it is appropriate to post once in a while about birthdays, new births, and pregnancies. Speaking of which you may recall that I blogged about Sarah and Derek expecting a boy in October, their first child. Of course some family members decided to fire up their creativity and contribute to naming the baby and came up with mossly good suggestions like:

  • Pete Moss
  • Forrest Moss
  • Chris Moss

I am really looking forward to being a grandpa. To make things even better, on 29th June Adelaide and Steven announced that their first baby is due in February. We do not know the gender yet. Last week they said it was OK to let everybody know. If the photograph is anything to go by this is going to be one beautiful baby.

So now I will soon be a grandpa twice over. Awesome!

Past Pictures: A Double Blessing

Ray with son David (left) and Rick with son Jacob

The picture quality is not that great. It is a scan of a photograph from twenty-one years ago. My brother is on the left with his son David and I am holding my son Jacob. My wife Jill and sister-in-law Susan were both pregnant and due in the same month. We all liked the name of David so we agreed that whichever child was born first would take the name David. Susan’s baby came prematurely and so we chose Jacob to be our son’s name.

The photograph was taken shortly after we arrived home from the baby blessing at Church. That is why David and Jacob are dressed in white. Though Ray is not a member of the Church I asked him if he would like me to bless David along with Jacob.

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