How Many Toys Does It Take To Entertain Bryson?

As many as you can possibly find! This evening 24 days old Bryson came to visit his grandparents. So we got out a few toys to occupy him.
Bryson checks out the toys that surround him.
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  1. Thomas Krimi says

    That kid looks like he is in heaven surrounded by all of those toys! Either that, or he is totally bewildered, and has no idea what to do with all of them!
    Just wishing you and your family a Happy Halloween!

  2. He didn’t know what was going on but I got a good photograph. Happy Halloween to you also. I looked at your blog, looks like it was in German which counts me out.

  3. Legends have it that you cannot keep away an engineer from his tools and the saying gets personified here. Look at enthusiasm, I guess he’s looking for some more.

  4. Actually he was just about to cry but I got the photograph just in time. He’s not about to get too spoiled as grandchild #2 arrives on February 14th., a girl. I checked out your blog and at first glance it looks to be very useful. Used cars can be a real bargain. I tried the advanced search but I couldn’t find where you can search by state. That would be handy so that you would not have to travel far to pick it up.

  5. I think the kid can’t decide where to start playing LOL :)

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