George W Bush on Religion

George W Bush

My main objective in my discussions on religious freedom is to remind this new generation of [Chinese] leadership that religion is not to be feared but to be welcomed in society. (Mon, 04 Aug 2008 Washington Post)

I don’t think witchcraft is a religion. I would hope the military officials would take a second look at the decision they made. (Mon, 23 Apr 2007 New York Times)

I will be your president regardless of your faith, and I don’t expect you to agree with me necessarily on religion. As a matter of fact, no president should ever try to impose religion on our society. (Fri, 05 Nov 2004 USA Today)

Prayer and religion sustain me. I receive calmness in the storms of the presidency. But when I make decisions, I stand on principle, and the principles are derived from who I am. (Thu, 14 Oct 2004

We also hear doubts that democracy is a realistic goal for the greater Middle East, where freedom is rare. Yet it is mistaken, and condescending, to assume that whole cultures and great religions are incompatible with liberty and self-government. I believe that God has planted in every human heart the desire to live in freedom. And even when that desire is crushed by tyranny for decades, it will rise again. (Tue, 20 Jan 2004 State of the Union Address)

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  1. everyone thought that george w. bush wasn’t a good president and i thought he was a great president.

  2. Bush was the worst president of my lifetime and used religion to gain support from the religious right. He was not very religious most of his life, and just used it to gain support politically. He was a fraud as a Christian and as a president. Why would a true Chirstian use faulty intelligence to lead us into a war in Iraq where so many brave Americans gave their lives or were seriously wounded. Bush had planned to invade Iraq before he was even elected. It was in his biography when he was still governor of Texas. He thought to be a strong president, he needed to be a war time president. A true Christian would not put our troops in harms way when there was clearly no need to do so at that time.

  3. paul anderson says

    anyone that believes in god is a friggen moron.

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