Make a Halloween Costume from a Microwave Oven

There is nothing quite like a happy microwave.

There is nothing quite like a happy microwave.

Paul is well known around Kaysville for his stockpile of microwave ovens. Not content with constructing an arc welder from microwaves Paul really started cooking when he needed a costume for Halloween.

Microwave Instructions

It was as simple as removing the innards to reduce weight, cutting a hole in the base of the microwave, bending back the metal, covering the edges with duct tape, and padding the interior with quilt batting. Stick two eyes and a mouth on the front to form a smiley face and you have one hot costume.


  • Do not slam the microwave door in Paul’s face.
  • Do not heat your hot chocolate while Paul is in the microwave.
  • Please do not play with the dials — they don’t work.
  • Don’t ask “Watts up?”.
  • Paul is not a “hothead”.
  • Paul maintains an open door policy.
  • Paul does not want to be plugged in.
  • If you leave food in the microwave, Paul will eat it.

Mama, I can't warm my pizza cos Paul is in the microwave!

Mama, I can't cook my pizza 'cause Paul is in the microwave!

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  1. Oh, that’s hilarious!

  2. Halloween Ideas says

    Removing the innards to reduce weight, will help some, but I feel it will still be heavy. I do like the innovative idea you have for a Halloween costume. keep it up :)


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