Book of Mormon

Here is the link to the project: Book of Mormon Site

18 Feb 2011
I published a post about the project. I still haven’t finished the timeline.

17 Jan 2011
Started work on the timeline for years in the Book of Mormon.

4 Jan 2011
Cleaned up the introduction page. The old site is here.

20 Dec 2010
Added a “Book of Mormon Site” title and rounded all the corners of the boxes. This was not too difficult as all the blue boxes were cloned from the Jared2 box and all the pink boxes were cloned from the Sariah box.

18 Dec 2010
Works with Internet Explorer 9 beta, except for superscripts and html title string. In Firefox some of the boxes were shown as white instead of blue. I fixed this in Inkscape by making Jared2 the source of the clone box instead of Lehi1. The theory being that perhaps the browser needs to know early on who is the source clone and Jared2 is listed first.

I found the following which explains the superscript problem:

Inkscape implements superscripts and subscripts by setting the baseline-shift attribute to either “super” or “sub”, and by setting the font-size attribute to 65%. Inkscape will only recognize a superscript or subscript if the baseline-shift attribute is set in this manner. The font size can be changed after the superscript or subscript is created. The baseline-shift attribute is not supported by all browsers (e.g. Firefox 4). As a workaround, one can manually shift the text vertically.

4 Dec 2010
Added the year with a html title string to the first character box in each group.

3 Dec 2010
I have completed the bulk of the characters chart. You need to view it in Chrome. Next, the characters need to be in chronological order.

There is a typo in the triple index under Omer. The last reference reads, “8: 14 anoints Emer king to reign in his stead.” The reference should be “9: 14.” Sent in feedback to

26 Nov 2010
My son Steven suggested I use Inkscape to produce my family trees. Here is my first cut.

25 Nov 2010
This project is an attempt to visually show in family trees how Book of Mormon characters are related to each other. With the current code I was not able to get the marrieds to appear horizontally. To fix that I wrote a C program to produce the CSS code needed for all the boxes and lines. That is called by clicking “Test of CSS”. As you can see it is in its early stages.

Each box will take you to a site that gives more details about the character. Usually I use the Guide to the Scriptures and the Book of Mormon Index. I discovered that some of the references have errors in the who is who’s father etc. I sent feedback to the Church but I haven’t checked back to see if the errors have been corrected, nor do I have the original list.