How Many Toys Does It Take To Entertain Aurora?

As many as you can possibly find! Yesterday evening 6 month old Aurora came to visit her grandparents. So we got out a few toys to occupy her.
Aurora checks out the toys that surround her.
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  1. Great picture! I like your new camera. It’s really nice!

    Good thing you only gave her a “few” toys. I think she would have been overwhelmed with “lots” of toys!

  2. Aurora is so cute! I actually love her smile..
    That what babies are, they are full of extent and easily get bored but they were really lovable in all sense.
    Agree with me??!

  3. Granddaughters are really cute, especially mine.

  4. Shoooooo Shweettttt
    Hey Aurora is really very cute :)

    God Bless Her
    Always Keep Smiling :-)

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