Past Pictures: 15 Free Dual Screen Wallpapers

Yesterday I was downloading a number of free dual screen wallpapers. It occurred to me to make some of my own. Here are fifteen of my first efforts. They can be used for any purpose, without attribution. Click on the images to access the 3000 x 1200 resolution photographs. Join in the voting and let me know which one you like best. I am keeping a tally at the end of the post. I used a Canon Powershot SD870 IS and a SD800 IS to take the photographs.

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Water fowl at the Utah Botanical Center in Kaysville.

A train somewhere between Keller and Kaysville.

Saint George Temple, Utah

Texas longhorn cattle drive sculpture in Dallas.

Max riding his ATV in Davis County, Utah.

Devils Kitchen, Utah

Fireworks in my front yard, Pioneer Day, Kaysville.

Glacier National Park, Canada.

Kaysville City fire engine.

Manti temple, Utah.

Manti temple, Utah.

Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park.

Real Salt Lake versus New York Red Bulls, November 2008, Utah.


Stagecoach in the Bountiful, Utah parade.


2 Glacier
2 Fireworks
2 Soccer
1 Devil’s Kitchen
1 Roses
1 Water Fowl

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  1. Argentina Travel says

    Very good pictures! I love ths one of the soccer game, congrats!

  2. Jennifer Steuern says

    Really nice pictures. I love dark pictures with bright colours in the fore-ground, so the fireworks picture is definately my favourite

  3. “Roses” is my favorite, I love flowers!

  4. Jennifer and Melissa,
    Very good votes. The only photograph I didn’t take is the one of the train — and that’s the one I like. My son Paul snapped that photo as I was driving the car.

  5. I like the water fowl and lake in Canada pictures the best. Although the train and longhorn pictures looked awesome on your dual monitors.

  6. I love the Glacier National Park, Canada because you took me there and we stayed in the Prince of Wales Hotel where this view was taken from. Let’s go again!

  7. I like the soccer stadium.

  8. Two votes for the soccer stadium. I remember when I took the picture I was trying to maneuver so that I got sufficient light from the spotlights to give me a reasonable picture. Also two votes for Glacier.

  9. Great pictures, I live in Clinton and I know the area, cool! congrats, you are a great Photographer!!!

  10. Nice wallpapers. I liked Devils Kitchen, Utah one a lot. I have a dual screen monitor setup and I am going to download this picture for my background.

  11. The fireworks one looks especially good on my monitor setup.

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