Fathers Day

The big celebration of Fathers Day took place yesterday. Kent and Susan invited all the fathers in the family for a meal of salmon, hamburgers, chicken, and hot dogs. Here is Susan and Jill at the grill.

Susan and Jill at the grill

Derek and Sarah were on vacation and Paul was camping in our old rickety tent. Daniel was working but Steven and Adelaide came. The food was very good and afterwards Melissa showed some slides on her Apple computer. Robert received his Fathers Day gifts as we would not be seeing him on Sunday. Looking at the food I said “OK, you can get seconds now.” Randy said, “I’m already on fourths.”

Adelaide tried her hand at juggling.

Adelaide juggling in Ward's front yard

Family viewing of Mark’s photographs on his laptop.

Watching a slideshow on Mark's laptop


  1. Dan Willoughby says

    Wow! It is like I wasn’t even working and I was there. Seems you are getting more rickety if Randy was on fourths and you were only on seconds.

  2. Getting more rickety is a good thing. I like all things rickety.

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