Past Pictures: 25 Years Of House Anniversaries

Each year in October, on the anniversary of the day we moved into our home, we take photographs of our family on the steps and just the children in front of our tree. Jill’s idea was to build up a collection of photographs to look back on. On this the 25th house anniversary year, we […]

Past Pictures: Jill and Baby

 Jill has been scanning slides of late to preserve them digitally. For those that know our family can you guess: Where the photograph was taken? The year and month? Who is Jill holding? Update Sarah guessed correctly: McKay-Dee Hospital, Ogden. December 1983. Sarah. Here is the full image, which with all the pink would have […]

Past Pictures: 15 Free Dual Screen Wallpapers

Yesterday I was downloading a number of free dual screen wallpapers. It occurred to me to make some of my own.

Past Pictures: Daniel Campaigns for Student Body Officer

Daniel’s 2007 Student Body Officer campaign video.

Past Pictures: Hill Aerospace Museum

The admission was free and along with the planes there were a number of displays that taught us about events in history like the Doolittle Raid.

Past Pictures: Temple Site

Past Pictures: A Double Blessing

My wife Jill and sister-in-law Susan were both pregnant and due in the same month. We all liked the name of David so we agreed that whichever child was born first would take the name David.

Past Pictures: Who’s the Dame?

Twenty-eight years ago, when I took this picture with my rickety old camera, I was traveling with Jill and her parents and her sister and husband. We were married a few weeks later.

Past Pictures: My Parents

Pictured is me with my stepfather Geoffrey Morris and my mother Sadie. Jake, my #3 son, takes Geoffrey’s name as his middle name. Sadie is a nickname for Sarah which was my honor to name my daughter.