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A Simple Preparedness Plan

Come, ye thankful people, come; Raise the song of harvest home. All is safely gathered in Ere the winter storms begin. This preparedness plan is really simple: Three-month supply Build a small supply of food that is part of your normal, daily diet. Drinking water Store water in sturdy, leak-proof, breakage-resistant containers. Consider using plastic […]

Missionary Dan Email #29 from Vancouver, Washington

Thanks for all the great emails. I am glad that everything is working out good. We had a great week again. It always gets better and better. Raberta (the 73 year old investigator) came to church again. She is not shy at all and has lots of energy. She loves Relief Society and calls them […]

Kaysville City Police Station Bond

On the Kaysville November ballot is a Special Bond Election for authorization to issue $4.5 million in general obligation bonds. The cost is estimated to be a yearly $32.97, or $2.75 a month, on a $258,000 residence. Currently Kaysville has no general obligation bond debt though there are long term liabilities. The police, as I […]

No Bears At The Zoo

We discovered at our last visit to Hogle Zoo that Tuff, Cubby, and Dale had been moved to the Oregon Zoo. Construction is proceeding on the Rocky Shores Exhibit, an extensive multi-animal habitat featuring polar bears, sea lions, seals and possibly other bears. According to Hogle Zoo: Guests will experience unprecedented environmental immersion through realistic, […]

Missionary Dan Email #28 from Vancouver, Washington

Elder Powell and I have been doing great. We have continued to work to find those prepared for the message we have.

Utah Early Voting

I figured out who and what to vote for beforehand so that I wouldn’t have to decide at the polling station.

Jake Executes A Flawless Inverse Proposal

The short version: The wedding is on Wednesday 15th December 2010. The detailed version: The proposal was kept top secret. No-one knew. Steven helped to figure the ring size from photographs by counting pixels. So he knew that a proposal was coming but he didn’t know when. Jake explained to me in an exclusive interview for Rickety […]

Work On The Jeep Is Winding Down

The odometer is driven by a small unipolar stepper motor. The motor is so small it can be driven directly by the Arduino using the example code found here at Arduino.

Jeep Cherokee

Paul decided it was time he took up four wheeling so he bought a 1993 Jeep Cherokee. There was one problem — there always is: when Paul tried to shift into 4-wheel drive there was “a grinding and crunching noise,” as Paul described it, coming from the transfer case. This newly acquired 4-wheel drive vehicle […]