Kaysville City Police Station Bond

Kaysville City Police StationOn the Kaysville November ballot is a Special Bond Election for authorization to issue $4.5 million in general obligation bonds. The cost is estimated to be a yearly $32.97, or $2.75 a month, on a $258,000 residence. Currently Kaysville has no general obligation bond debt though there are long term liabilities.

The police, as I understand it, are empowered to enforce the law, protect property and reduce civil disorder. Kaysville has 20 full-time police officers. However, the current police station does not meet acceptable seismic standards and has no emergency operations center or secure IT area for the city.

At build-out the city will have grown from 26,000 residents to 42,000. There is no space at the police station to accommodate city and department growth. Problems also arise in evidence, records, and firearms storage; prisoner processing; secure parking; decontamination; training space; and other areas.

Although opposed to debt I also believe that the police and associated facilities are a most important part of any city. I therefore voted for the bond in early voting.

Consider that for $32.97 I get a shiny new police station compared with curbside recycling that would have cost me $46.20. If I had opted in, I would have had the same amount of garbage collected, but for more money. When one also considers that your garbage is already recycled into steam for Hill Air Force Base, which do you suppose is the better deal?

Kaysville City Police Station Floor Plan

Kaysville City Police Station Floor Plan


November 2, 2010 General Election Results:

For the Police Station Bond: 3,171 (43.1%)
Against the Police Station Bond: 4,186 (56.9%)
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