Jake Executes A Flawless Inverse Proposal

Rachel and Jake

The short version: The wedding is on Wednesday 15th December 2010.

The detailed version: The proposal was kept top secret. No-one knew. Steven helped to figure the ring size from photographs by counting pixels. So he knew that a proposal was coming but he didn’t know when.

Jake explained to me in an exclusive interview for Rickety blog that he wanted to execute an inverse proposal. It works by asking for her hand in marriage at the beginning of the evening, and then the rest of the evening can be enjoyed as an engaged couple. It also contributes to being a complete surprise. I added that if she says no then you can cut your losses and cancel the rest of the evening.

Rachel, ring, and Jake

Once Steven had figured the ring size from pixels, Jake bought a cubic zirconium, to preserve the surprise, on Friday 8th October. On Sunday 10th October Jake knew he was going to ask Rachel that day but didn’t know exactly when. In Testimony Meeting at the Davis Park YSA Ward, Bishop Visser gave a strong testimony about not delaying important decisions. With that, Jake decided the proposal was to be done as soon as possible.

Jake drove Rachel towards her home but turned off and drove to their favorite hill nearby. Rachel noticed but didn’t think anything of it. Jake suddenly stopped the car and immediately got on one knee, showed the ring, and asked the question. Rachel was so shocked that she did not say anything for a long time. Jake eventually said, “You haven’t said ‘Yes’ yet.” Rachel responded, “Yes.”

The following day, Monday 11th October 2010, Jake took two of my home-made candles and arranged an Olive Garden-to-go candle-light dinner.

On Monday 17th October Jake and Rachel will pick up a ring (with a real diamond this time) that Rachel has chosen.

Thus was executed a flawless inverse proposal. Jake, you should work for the military.

Rachel and ring

Rachel by picture of Sarah

Rachel by a wedding picture of her soon to be sister-in-law Sarah

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  1. Well done and congratulations to the both of you

  2. From what I gathered in talking to Jake he was trying to keep the preparations super secret. So trying to spirit away one of Rachel’s rings was not an option.

    However, yours is a good solution for normal people. In our family, we like to make complicated projects out of the simplest things. It is more fun that way.

  3. Congratulations. You guys are really good at marrying off your kids.

  4. Congratulations! We’re excited to have Rachel in the family. One question. . . .doesn’t Daniel get home on December 15?

    • Jake in his flawless preparations wrote to Daniel and coordinated with him when he would be home. Daniel received permission to have an “earlier” later release date to attend the wedding.

      However, we still don’t know when Daniel will be home, just that it will be in time for the wedding.

  5. Congratulations!!!
    So did Jake purposely wait until his mom was going to be cruising for the week to propose?

  6. The pictures turned out great! I’m glad you posted the details of the engagement. While your boys tend to like keeping secrets and making simple things complex, it makes for a good surprise and a good story. :)

  7. Sarah and Bryson says

    Congratulations!! We are so happy.

  8. Well done to you and your wife to be, have been following your blog for some time. Good luck

  9. Sweet! Another cousin!

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