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Build an Arc Welder from Microwave Ovens: Part 3

Paul obtained his microwave ovens, wired the garage for 220 volts, and extracted the first transformer. In this segment he replaces the old secondary windings with new, thicker wire.

Missionary Dan Email #21 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ehx gerel was baptized and it went well. She asked me to confirm the Holy Ghost for her. It was good for me to learn how to do it my first time in Mongolian and also first time ever. It went well and I felt the Spirit. She is a good new member with lots of friends.

Build an Arc Welder from Microwave Ovens: Part 2

To power the arc welder Paul needs six transformers. At a cost of $5 for 33 microwaves, one transformer sets him back 15 cents. He dismantled his first microwave oven and extracted the transformer.

Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities

Even with a scenario that is not quite as bad as the news would have us believe, the U.S. still needs to work vigorously at reducing its debt. The supposed agent of change, Barack Obama, is carrying on the same old policy of borrow and spend, except in much larger quantities. How sad.

Missionary Dan Email #20 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

We keep on working here. Yesterday some people in the ward were called to stake callings. I was able to talk to a member about patriarchal blessings. They all seem to be really excited to be able to get them.

Defense Spending by Country

The United States, with a budget of $535.9 billion, spends more on defense than the next fourteen nations combined.

Green Jell-O Filled Orange Wedges

At the last YSA party Paul put bacon in his Jell-O jigglers. Fortunately for about everyone concerned Paul is out of bacon and so instead he is making Jell-O filled orange wedges.

Build an Arc Welder from Microwave Ovens

I came home from work to be greeted by Paul, “Hey dad, do you want to see my latest project?” He showed me his purchase of 33 microwave ovens that he will turn into an arc welder.

Missionary Dan Email #19 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Strange as it sounds hiking in Mongolia is like hiking in Utah. You start at the bottom of the mountain and walk up it. The faster you hike, the more exhausting it becomes and stopping to rest is always an option.