Daniel Reports In Sacrament Meeting

Daniel spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday with many family and friends present. For readability his address has been modified slightly. Here is the audio in Ogg Vorbis (13.3MB) and MP3 (14.8MB) formats. Thank you for that musical number, that was wonderful. Well, I’m excited to be here. It’s great to see everyone that came out. […]

Elder Daniel Willoughby

Elder Daniel Willoughby, son of Richard and Jill Willoughby, has returned home after successfully serving in the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar and Washington Kennewich Missions. He will speak December 26 at 3:20 pm. in the Kaysville 14th Ward, 9 W 550 S., Kaysville. A week by week account of Daniel’s mission is here.

Daniel Bearing Gifts From Afar

Daniel brought back from Mongolian some traditional garb gifts. He allowed us to try on these Christmas presents ahead of time. First up is Daniel wearing a deel that appears similar to a caftan. Deels in blue, olive, or burgundy, made from cotton, silk, or brocade, reach to the wearers knees and fan out at […]

Missionary Dan Epilogue

My guest writer is Susan Mathews Hardy, the mother of Elder Nathan Hardy, one of Daniel’s missionary companions. Susan wrote a letter to Daniel’s mission president, timed so that Daniel will receive it from President Greer on the night before Daniel returns home. Thanksgiving Morning November 25, 2010 Dear President Greer, I know you will […]

Missionary Dan Returns Home

After two years and 47 days, Elder Willoughby finally returned home from his mission. There were several families there to greet him. Bryson and Aurora held up the Welcome Home Elder Willoughby sign that was generic enough to be used for four missionaries. At the airport were Daniel’s parents, his three brothers and sister and […]

Missionary Dan Email #35 from Vancouver, Washington

It was really fun to see Bayarsaihan. We ate some buuz and played with sheep ankle bones. I was happy to be able to still speak Mongolian well. Some of the time I couldn’t understand her, but she could understand all the things I said. With that to start off the week it was great. We […]

Missionary Dan Email #34 from Vancouver, Washington

Mongolian Found! I was happy to receive a call on Thanksgiving day from Bayarsaihan. She is a native Mongolian that met her husband at BYU Hawaii and moved to Vancouver several years ago. I knew that she lived here, but despite all my efforts to contact her, I was never successful. She was told by […]

Participating in God’s Great Latter-day Work

This Sunday I am substituting for one of the regular instructors in Gospel Doctrine class. Lesson 42 involves chapters 16, 23, 29, and 31 of Jeremiah. The purpose of the lesson is to encourage class members to participate in God’s great latter-day work and to have his law written in their hearts. In my weekly […]

Missionary Dan Email #33 from Vancouver, Washington

The baptism of Roberta was great. The Spirit was strong and everything went very well. Roberta has such a sweet spirit and the ward has done great things in making her feel welcome. My new companion’s name is Elder Mendoza. He is from Sandy, Utah and is lots of fun. Elder Hardy was able to […]