Participating in God’s Great Latter-day Work

Jeremiah lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem

Jeremiah lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem

This Sunday I am substituting for one of the regular instructors in Gospel Doctrine class. Lesson 42 involves chapters 16, 23, 29, and 31 of Jeremiah. The purpose of the lesson is to encourage class members to participate in God’s great latter-day work and to have his law written in their hearts.

In my weekly email to Daniel I asked him to write a few sentences about participating in God’s great latter-day work as a missionary. I would then read his reply to the class. Here is his response:

Participating in God’s great latter-day work as a missionary has increased my understanding of how much God truly loves His children.

Every day we go out on our bikes in all types of weather to try and share a message about Jesus Christ and the opportunity we have to repent each day. As I know personally the message I share is true, it would make sense that millions would gladly accept the message and feel of the peace I have. Although we are rejected and occasionally made fun of, I have a desire to press forward. Why is that? Because I am a part of something beyond myself. This is God’s work and He uses me as an instrument.

Perhaps I will never see the extent of all my efforts, but the ones I have seen have brought a great joy to me that it will always have a special place in my heart. God truly wants us to be happy, but He won’t force us to be. It is important for me to be the best missionary I can so God can work miracles through me. The work is real and very rewarding.

The fishers and hunters described in Jeremiah 16:16 are missionaries of the Church such as Daniel. As Daniel’s mission draws to a close in December, I am grateful that he chose to serve a full-time mission.
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