Missionary Dan Returns Home

First view of Daniel

Our first view of Daniel

After two years and 47 days, Elder Willoughby finally returned home from his mission. There were several families there to greet him. Bryson and Aurora held up the Welcome Home Elder Willoughby sign that was generic enough to be used for four missionaries.

At the airport were Daniel’s parents, his three brothers and sister and their spouses (and fiancĂ©e) and children. Also Daniel’s Uncle Mike and cousin Christopher; Aunt Susan and cousin Shauna; and Jill’s cousin Julie.

Welcome Home Elder Willoughby

Family to see Daniel

Waiting for Daniel: Jill, Susan, Aurora, Bryson, Sarah, Shauna, Adelaide, and Cassandra

Daniel happy to be home

Daniel and Shauna

Daniel and Shauna

Nieces welcome Daniel

Daniel meets his nieces for the first time

DanielDaniel with his family

We all went home to enjoy a delicious meal. But first Daniel headed over to the stake center to be released by President Thredgold. I asked President Thredgold if I could take a picture. He said, “Is this going to end up on Rickety?” Well, of course! Later that evening Daniel stood by his Welcome Home Dan sign, all l lit up in wonderful Kaysville — home.

Daniel and his stake president, President Thredgold

Daniel and his stake president, President Thredgold

Welcome Home Dan
Rickety signature.


  1. Welcome home Dan!

  2. Cool. Welcome home. Love that last photo!


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