Missionary Dan Email #19 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Mongolian countryside.

Mongolian countryside

Presented here are portions of Elder Daniel Willoughby’s nineteenth email from the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission. If anyone wishes to send Daniel a message, write it in the comments and I will make sure he receives it.

The boating trip looked fun. Thanks for the pictures. They are always fun to look at.

Missionary Work

Missionary work here is moving right along. In the summer it slows down a bit because lots of people move to the countryside. My companion and I are doing the best we can. Yesterday was exciting with seven investigators that came to church. One of them my companion invited just once and he came. I like people that do things that they say they will. I’ve noticed a lot of the older Mongolian men keep to their word. It’s a good quality to have. Also church was refreshing. It was good to renew covenants and reflect on what the Savior did for me and all people.

Yesterday a 22 year old started talking to me. He read, “Book of Mormon” on my Book of Mormon. Normally people don’t talk to me first so I asked if we could meet with him later and he said yes. We went to his house that day and taught his family. It was a great experience. He said, “Please come. Please come” as we left indicating he wanted us to return.

There isn’t much more to say than that the stake was formed. Everything else is much the same and works just as normal as it did before. I know that soon they will get a Patriarch and he’ll be able to give blessings.

The Hike

Strange as it sounds hiking in Mongolia is like hiking in Utah. You start at the bottom of the mountain and walk up it. The faster you hike, the more exhausting it becomes and stopping to rest is always an option. I like to conquer the hill as quick as I can. Maybe there are some differences in hiking. I am on the other side of the world… so I’m hiking the opposite way I would be if I was in Utah. It doesn’t feel that way. It still seems like an upward direction to me. Anyway, it was great. The land was great to look at and it was relaxing to get out of the city for awhile. I really enjoyed it. I sent a few more pictures of the landscape.

To Mom

My companion is doing well. He is trying his best to learn English. We saw his sister in a mini bus while we were walking down the street. That is always exciting.

The picture of me in front of the city with the mountains in the background is my new area. All the way to up to the mountain and to the right. It’s big.

New Ulaanbataar area

Daniel’s new Ulaanbataar area

To Dad

Hey! Happy Fathers Day this Sunday. You are an awesome Dad and I love you a lot. I decided to give you pictures for Fathers Day (Mom probably likes them better). There should be 7 or so. Thanks for being so active in the church and honoring your priesthood. It is a great blessing for me to have a wonderful Dad like you.

Elder Caldwell (a couple missionary here) said you posted something on his blog. He found me at the fireside and said Hi. He said he had no clue how you found his blog. Not bad for being a little Rickety.

Love, Elder Willoughby

P.S. I think I got my mission call a year ago today.
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  1. Mongolia looks great. I hope you are having a good time and doing some good work out there Dan

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