Build an Arc Welder from Microwave Ovens: Part 3

The Story So Far

Paul obtained his microwave ovens, wired the garage for 220 volts, and extracted the first transformer. In this segment he replaces the old secondary windings with new, thicker wire.

Sawed off secondary.

One side of the secondary winding was sawed off with a hacksaw.

Bash out the secondary.

The secondary windings were in so tight they had to be knocked out.

Tear out the secondary.

Tearing out a few windings loosened the rest.

Secondary removed.

The secondary is completely removed.

Wire guides.

Using short lengths of 6 gauge wire as guides.

New secondary.

The completed secondary consists of 11 feet of 6 gauge wire wound in 11 turns.

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  1. Go on Paul.
    Waiting to see the final outcome…


  2. This thing looks mental, Keep us updated!

  3. There are quite a few people out there who also think this project is mental. Paul’s mother for one.

  4. Thanks for the useful info. It’s interesting , may help in avoiding accidents

  5. Foot,
    There is more to come as soon as Paul gets some time.

  6. gauge cluster says

    I think arc welding has greater scope in present world,we could get job easily in this field.

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