Then And Now

Megan and Paul: Engagement Photos

Megan moved into the Davis Park YSA Ward in September 2010. She attended the newcomer’s gospel doctrine class that Paul taught. On the day that Megan went Paul was not teaching but he went each week. On 14th October 2010 the ward sponsored a pizza making activity that Paul and Megan attended. Paul made a […]

Jake and Rachel’s Wedding Gift Opening Gathering

Yesterday Jake and Rachel opened their presents at their Wedding Gift Opening Gathering. It was hosted by Rachel’s mother and family were invited to attend. Jill and I took photographs of Jake and Rachel opening their gifts. Later I emailed the photographs to the givers with a short message. If you are thinking of trying […]

Jake Executes A Flawless Inverse Proposal

The short version: The wedding is on Wednesday 15th December 2010. The detailed version: The proposal was kept top secret. No-one knew. Steven helped to figure the ring size from photographs by counting pixels. So he knew that a proposal was coming but he didn’t know when. Jake explained to me in an exclusive interview for Rickety […]

This Is What 30 Years Of Marriage Looks Like

The time has flown by and in the process we have produced five children and they in turn have given us three grandchildren — so far.

Paul on Homosexuality

Today the court struck down Proposition 8, literally accusing the majority of California voters of discriminatory intent when casting their votes. The role of the courts is to interpret and apply the law only as enacted by the people and their elected representatives, not to impose new social policies. (Source: Andy Pugno, general counsel for […]

Reception in Honor of Jacob and Brittney

Jill and I and the boys went to Jake and Britt’s reception at the Main Street Chapel. Their wedding was last week.

Greg and Mandy

They will be married in the Salt Lake Temple tomorrow and have another reception in Honeyville.

Yes On 1 Stand For Marriage Maine

The outcome of the election in Maine has profound implications for the nation.