Yes On 1 Stand For Marriage Maine

I just received an email from, the good folks who helped pass Proposition 8 in California. The following are edited excerpts from that email:

Yes On 1

Just as it occurs in California, legislators in other states also ignore the desires of the people and succumb to pressure from homosexual marriage activists, passing same-sex marriage legislation. This is what happened in Maine. Fortunately, the Maine constitution gives voters the final say. Over 100,000 Mainers signed petitions to put this issue on the ballot as Question 1. A Yes vote on Question 1 this November will preserve traditional marriage and veto the legislative enactment of same-sex marriage.

Close Race

The outcome of the election in Maine has profound implications for the nation. The homosexual community never been able to convince voters to support their position at the ballot box. But they have a chance to do so in Maine. Polling shows the race to be close, and our opponents have some key advantages. Homosexual activists have been working to build a grassroots organization in the state for the past five years. They have the support of Governor Baldacci, who recently headlined a major fundraising event, as well as the Democratic legislative leaders. They are receiving a massive infusion of cash and volunteers from throughout the country.

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