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Build an Arc Welder from Microwave Ovens: Part 4

Paul decided before he used his homebrew arc-welder (not yet built) he would practice with a factory built arc-welder. He borrowed his grandfather’s arc-welder and tried it out today. He needed a suitable piece of scrap metal which he found in the middle of the road while driving home.

Davis County Early Voting

I am accustomed to voting early. I don’t feel as rushed because I can pick a day and time that better suits my schedule. Today my wife and I went to Kaysville City town hall to early vote at 2:30 pm. and found there was no waiting. If you wish to early vote then you are too late — today was the last day.

Mormon Church Membership in Utah

Utah is the most populous state for Mormons in terms of membership (1,823,613) and percentage of the population (68.94%). Utah also has the most stakes (523) and temples (14).

Lose Weight With The Simpleton Diet

The Simpleton Diet is so simple that even I can use it. Just enter the starting information and weigh yourself each week.

Missionary Dan Email #38 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

So I told the story of when we had a special fast for one of my investigators that hadn’t been able to be baptized for 4 years. She passed her interview this Saturday and we are happy to see her baptized this Friday.

Fish and Chips at Little Taste of Britain

I was ready for fish and chips with mushy peas and maybe a drink of Vimto. The meal didn’t disappoint, the fish and chips were authentic — the large fillet of cod was battered and a deep-fried golden.

Make a Halloween Costume from a Microwave Oven

It was as simple as cutting a hole in the base of the microwave, bending back the metal, covering the edges with duct tape, and padding the interior with quilt batting. Stick two eyes and a mouth on the front to form a smiley face and you have one hot costume.

The Day I Met Steve Hiatt

We need leaders who value trust. We don’t have to agree with each other but we should keep communicating. Residents must be able to be heard even if some things cannot be acted upon.

World Total Fertility Rate Declines

Total Fertility Rate In the last few decades there have been significant decreases in world fertility rates. The replacement fertility rate is roughly 2.1 births per woman for most industrialized countries but higher for many less developed nations. The Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of a population is the average number of children that would be […]