Building a Giant Snowman

I thought it would never snow but overnight we got several inches in Kaysville. Out came the snowman builders to construct a giant snowman. Just build him like a regular snowman but bigger. You may need some help to hoist his head so pay attention to the photographs that follow.

Pass the snow

1. Pass the snow

Compact the snow

2. Compact the snow

Lift his head

3. Lift his head

Secure his head

4. Secure his head

How it is done

5. Use a step ladder

Give him a mouth

6. Give him a mouth

The engineers

The engineers. Dan, Rachel, and Jake

Later in the day our snowman got a nose but lost his buttons.
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Father Christmas In Kaysville

Father Christmas visiting

Father Christmas visiting the grandchildren

Father Christmas came to visit
My grandchildren this year.
But when he loudly Ho Ho Hoed
They refused to go near.
So Father Christmas skillfully
Made candy canes appear.
And with this very tasty treat
He overcame their fear.
Jill and grandchildren with Father Christmas

Jill holding Bryson and Aurora

Bryson with Father Christmas

Bryson and Santa

Photo Credit: Bryson and Santa courtesy of Jill
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CNG Station in Kaysville

CNG Station in Kaysville

Paul filling up at the new Kaysville CNG station

This evening I heard via Twitter that there was a new CNG station opening today in Kaysville, located at 80 North 600 West, between the UTA Park and Ride and the Davis County Technical Center. The official opening celebration is planned for 2012 but you can fill up now. Paul and I drove over to the station around 9pm to check it out and fill the tank. The overhead lighting was out but the pumps were operational. Two 3,000 psi and two 3,600 psi.


1 Feb 2012 — Questar Gas opens new CNG station in Ogden, UT, on Weber State University campus (4760 Old Post Rd), south of the arena.
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Kaysville Windstorm Part 2

Kaysville windstorm preparations

Kaysville 14th ward members turned out in force to clean up

It is not often that the Governor warns the citizens of Utah about the weather. But he did just that Saturday night when he urged residents along the northern Wasatch Front to prepare for another windstorm, forecast to begin at 5pm Sunday.

After Thursday’s windstorm, most residents have not had time to completely clean up.

In preparation, our stake president instructed wards to have their priesthood organize to remove branches and other debris that could become airborne in the approaching high winds. Accordingly, in our ward at church this morning the priesthood were asked to assemble in work clothes at 1pm. There was no asking for volunteers, it was just assumed that all able-bodied men would respond — which we did.

We collected all the green waste and took it to the Central Davis Sewer District where it will be converted to ground wood waste and mixed with biosolids, then composted and sold to the general public. It was quite the operation (follow the link for photographs), with armadas of pickups and trailers.

Kaysville windstorm preparations

There were large tree trunks to deal with as well as branches

Kaysville windstorm preparations

Chains saws were the weapon of choice

Kaysville windstorm preparations

Sister Blair handed out hot chocolate

Dan and I, after we had finished within our ward boundaries, drove to my daughter’s home for a branch meeting. There we removed part of a tree that was entangled in the power line to her home. The power is still out from Thursday’s winds. When we had finished cutting down the branches we asked Sarah’s ward members if they would take away the debris and they immediately dispatched ten men to her backyard.

Kaysville windstorm preparations

With the power still off it was a good time to clear away the branches that were stressing the power lines

Kaysville windstorm preparations

Dan did most of the work under my skilled supervision

Kaysville windstorm preparations

Sarah's ward had an efficient operation in progress

Kaysville windstorm preparations

Ever wondered what was inside those Mormon steeples? Nothing, at least now there isn't

Kaysville windstorm preparations

Mmm, I was wondering where that chair of ours ended up

Normally, Mormons view a Sunday as the sabbath day, a day to be kept holy. Occasionally, and this is the first time for me, members have to work together on a Sunday to secure their communities.


The high wind warning was cancelled but some gusts did hit 40 miles per hour.
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Kaysville Windstorm Damage Continued

Here are some more photographs of the hurricane force winds (up to 102 mph) that struck northern Utah today. My previous post showed damage to buildings, fences, and trees. Dan and Jake braved the weather and took photographs of some of the damage in Kaysville. The video shows the force of the wind.

See: How to heat your home when the power is out.

Signs of Windy Weather

Kaysville windstorm upside down sign

The wind must have seemed like hell in Ogden

Kaysville windstorm bent sign

Kaysville windstorm missing sign

Where is the missing sign?...

Kaysville windstorm found sign

...right here down the street


Vehicle Trouble

Kaysville windstorm skewed traffic lights

Kaysville windstorm blown out SUV window

Kaysville windstorm bent bonnet

Kaysville semi rollover

Not in My Backyard

Kaysville windstorm trampoline

Kaysville windstorm backyard

This is my backyard. This morning Dan had to search for my garbage can and rescue my barbeque from blowing away. The shingles on the ground belong to someone else. Are you missing any?


The Force of The Wind

When Dan was shooting the video he held the camera as steady as he could. The wind was too strong and once knocked him back a few steps (at the 11 second mark) but he kept his balance.

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Kaysville Windstorm Damage

Today hurricane force winds caused much damage in Utah. As many as 50,000 customers were without power at one point. The National Weather Service recorded gusts of 102 mph in Centerville. Dan and Jake braved the high winds and took photographs of some of the damage in Kaysville.

See: How to heat your home when the power is out.

Lost Siding and Shingles

Kaysville windstorm lost siding

Kaysville windstorm more lost siding

Kaysville windstorm lost shingles

Kaysville windstorm more lost shingles

Downed Fences

Kaysville windstorm downed fence

Kaysville windstorm more downed fence

This fence is (was?) my neighbor's


Downed Trees

Kaysville windstorm downed tree

Kaysville windstorm downed tree

Kaysville windstorm downed tree

Kaysville windstorm downed tree

Kaysville windstorm downed tree

This is (was?) my daughter's tree


Downed Fences by Downed Trees

Kaysville windstorm downed fence by tree

Kaysville windstorm downed fence by tree

Kaysville windstorm downed fence by tree

This is my next door neighbor's tree. It took out his fence and bent our corner post

Kaysville windstorm downed fence by tree cleanup

By the time I got home the tree had been removed from the road

Kaysville windstorm bent post cleanup

This evening my son Paul fixed the post with his come-a-long. We will fix the rest later

I have a few more photographs to show in my next post.
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Moving Out. Moving In.

We needed an Armada to move everything out

We needed an Armada to move everything out


Moving Out

Jake and Rachel got the keys to their new house yesterday. Today we moved them out of their rented duplex and into their first home. A lot of family members turned out to help them move and I captured the historic moment for Rickety.

When it comes to moving, minivans can hold their own

When it comes to moving, minivans can hold their own

There was a moment when Dan slowed to a crawl

There was a moment when Dan slowed to a crawl

Bryson, future Elders Quorum material

Bryson, future Elders Quorum material


Moving In

Sold to Jake and Rachel.

Sold to Jake and Rachel. The sign comes with a house

Jake and Rachel are moving in

Jake and Rachel are moving in. There goes the neighborhood

Moving in

Moving in. Honey, I need more furniture!

Moving in the piano.

Play for me, "Be it ever so huge, there's no place like home."

Carrying the bride over the threshold

Jake and Rachel have been married less than a year so this still counts as carrying his bride over the threshold

Thank you everyone for helping with the move. Special recognition goes to Realtor Paula Alder for her hard work in finding Jake and Rachel a beautiful home.
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Kaysville July 4th Parade

Kaysville July 4th Parade family

Many family members were at the parade

Almost all family members were together for the Kaysville July 4th Parade. The parade entries do not seem to change much from year to year but we enjoy them just the same. The temperature cooled a little for the parade as clouds moved over Davis County. Here are a few photographs I took of the participants. Click on the images to enlarge.

See you at the fireworks tonight!

Kaysville July 4th Parade standard bearers

The standard bearers lead the parade

Kaysville July 4th Parade Davis High School Marching Band

Davis High School Marching Band seems to get larger every year

War Veterans

Kaysville July 4th Parade Desert Storm Veterans

Desert Storm Veterans

Kaysville July 4th Parade Korean War Veterans

Korean War Veterans

Kaysville July 4th Parade Air Force Veterans

Air Force Veterans

Essential Services

Kaysville July 4th Parade Davis County Sheriff

Davis County Sheriff Deputy providing high profile patrol, targeted patrol and crime detection

Kaysville July 4th Parade Davis County Sheriff DARE

Davis County Sheriff D.A.R.E. equips school children with knowledge and consequences of drug abuse, and skills for resisting peer pressure

Kaysville July 4th Parade Utah Highway Patrol

In 1933 the State Road Police Patrol was redesignated as the Utah Highway Patrol

Kaysville July 4th Parade fire engine

Engine 61 has an 8 man cab and a 750 gallon tank and can pump 2000 gallons of water per minute

Kaysville City Mayor

Kaysville July 4th Parade Mayor Steve Hiatt

Kaysville City Mayor Steve Hiatt distributes candy

Kaysville July 4th Parade handcart

Handcarts were used from 1856 until 1860 and today represent the faithfulness and sacrifice of the pioneer generation

Kaysville July 4th Parade eagle

Davis Hospital Eagle

Kaysville July 4th Parade car

An old Ford in excellent condition

Kaysville July 4th Parade horses

You can't have a parade without horses

Kaysville July 4th Parade Jill in Canada T-shirt

Lady, you are three days late for your parade

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Big Kaysville Snowflakes

Big snowflakes
It is 4:30pm in Kaysville and I have never seen such big snowflakes. According to the forecast, several inches of snow have fallen in the Northern Mountains, and there’s been plenty of snow in the lower elevations as well — I can vouch for that.
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