Building a Giant Snowman

I thought it would never snow but overnight we got several inches in Kaysville. Out came the snowman builders to construct a giant snowman. Just build him like a regular snowman but bigger. You may need some help to hoist his head so pay attention to the photographs that follow.

Pass the snow

1. Pass the snow

Compact the snow

2. Compact the snow

Lift his head

3. Lift his head

Secure his head

4. Secure his head

How it is done

5. Use a step ladder

Give him a mouth

6. Give him a mouth

The engineers

The engineers. Dan, Rachel, and Jake

Later in the day our snowman got a nose but lost his buttons.
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  1. That’s huge!! How long did it take to build?

  2. In shorts and short sleeves!!! They must have been working hard. Looks awesome!

    • Someone infiltrated our front yard during the night and destroyed the snowman’s head. We have no idea who it was, probably some flake, so it looks like it is headed for the cold case file.

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