Kaysville Windstorm Damage Continued

Here are some more photographs of the hurricane force winds (up to 102 mph) that struck northern Utah today. My previous post showed damage to buildings, fences, and trees. Dan and Jake braved the weather and took photographs of some of the damage in Kaysville. The video shows the force of the wind.

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Signs of Windy Weather

Kaysville windstorm upside down sign

The wind must have seemed like hell in Ogden

Kaysville windstorm bent sign

Kaysville windstorm missing sign

Where is the missing sign?...

Kaysville windstorm found sign

...right here down the street


Vehicle Trouble

Kaysville windstorm skewed traffic lights

Kaysville windstorm blown out SUV window

Kaysville windstorm bent bonnet

Kaysville semi rollover

Not in My Backyard

Kaysville windstorm trampoline

Kaysville windstorm backyard

This is my backyard. This morning Dan had to search for my garbage can and rescue my barbeque from blowing away. The shingles on the ground belong to someone else. Are you missing any?


The Force of The Wind

When Dan was shooting the video he held the camera as steady as he could. The wind was too strong and once knocked him back a few steps (at the 11 second mark) but he kept his balance.

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