The Day I Met Steve Hiatt

Steve Hiatt For Mayor

Steve Hiatt (left) and Myself

Steve Hiatt (left) and Myself

The Day I Met Steve Hiatt sounds a little dramatic but it really isn’t. I was rototilling a couple of pickup loads of compost from the sewer plant when Steve Hiatt showed up like a breath of fresh air. He was out campaigning for Mayor having won the Kaysville City primary.

He had to introduce himself because I didn’t recognize him, even though I voted for him in the primary. After we conversed for awhile I asked Steve if he had anything to say for my blog. He was a good sport and allowed his photograph to be taken and said a few words. I will see if I can remember correctly what he said. Steve, if you read this, correct in the comments what I get wrong. Although the paragraph below is in quotes it is really me paraphrasing:

We need leaders who value trust. We don’t have to agree with each other but we should keep communicating. Residents must be able to be heard even if some things cannot be acted upon.

An Impressive Candidate

I was impressed when my wife asked about other candidates and Steve spoke well of them. He mentioned by name those running for office and specific positive traits they possessed that would be useful in serving the city.  I asked Steve that in the future as solar power becomes more affordable would the residents be able to connect to the grid to sell unused power back to the city. Steve said that the city’s situation is a little different as a member of UAMPS and that the city works with the association. To give you a little more of a feel for Steve’s platform, below is a quote taken from Steve’s website:

For the most part, I believe our citizens and elected officials share the same values, beliefs, and desires for this great town. When opinions differ, our citizens deserve a voice and the right to have their voice heard. We deserve leaders who ensure fiscal responsibility while providing the services we need and expect. We deserve leaders who will protect our heritage, ensuring our parks and open spaces are not for sale. We deserve leaders who keep an open mind, who encourage resident participation, who exercise “full-disclosure,” and who engender trust. Not only must Leaders be trustworthy, we must be trusting of others. (Steve Hiatt. Open * Fair * Ready)

After visiting with Steve Hiatt I see no reason to change my vote for him.
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