Layton and Farmington Windstorm Cleanup

Layton windstorm repairs

My sons repairing the wind damage to Steven's home. He's the dude wearing sunglasses in December

Other cities besides Kaysville had windstorm damage. Over in Layton my son Steven had his brothers helping to replace lost shingles. I stayed on the ground in a support role, fetching tools, bringing hot chocolate that Adelaide made, and picking up all the broken shingles scattered all over the lot.

My grandson Bryson helped by pointing with his stick to each piece of shingle and saying, “That one there, this one there, Grandpa.” Over in Farmington, my daughter Sarah, snapped some photographs of Heritage Park from the Frontage Road. She was driving past and was struck at the sight of all those tarps.

Layton windstorm repairs

From left: Paul, Steven, Dan, Jake

Layton windstorm cleanup

Bryson supervises the cleanup. Grandpa you missed one!

Farmington windstorm cleanup

Looking over Heritage Park at all the tarps

Farmington windstorm cleanup

It looks like almost every house lost shingles

Rachel, my daughter-in-law, was driving back from town and as she approached her home she saw a woman and children picking up the broken shingles around the house. She was so embarrassed that she drove right past. She waited until they were gone before going back home. Later when she was telling me her story she said, “I wonder if they picked up the back yard as well?”

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Fish and Chips at Little Taste of Britain

Jake and Paul outside Little Taste of Britain

Jake and Paul outside Little Taste of Britain

A few month ago I ate with three of my sons and my daughter-in-law. We descended on Little Taste of Britain in Layton (1095 N. Main). I was born and raised in England, emigrating to the United States at age 28 where I settled down and raised a family. So I was ready for fish and chips with mushy peas and maybe a drink of Vimto. The meal didn’t disappoint, the fish and chips were authentic — the large fillet of cod was battered and a deep-fried golden.

Little Taste of Britain is run by Nick and Mandy Island. There is also a small market filled with British specialty items — everything from steak and kidney pies, bangers, English candy, and lots of other British imports. One customer drove all the way from Wendover just to try their fish and chips — and he wasn’t disappointed.

Little Taste of Britain can be reached at (801) 543-5707. Fish and chips will run you $7.95 and I recommend adding mushy peas for $1.00. There are many other items on the menu.

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Utahns a bit peckish for little taste of English eats?

Layton Utah Temple Likely

Layton Utah Temple

Layton Utah Temple

According to Matt Martinich, one of the next temples to be announced will probably be built in Layton, Utah.

Matt has developed a quantitative method for identifying cities which are likely to have a new temple announced. His method considers these factors:

  • Long distances from an existing temple
  • Large number of stakes and districts
  • Stakes which have existed before 1981
  • Busy Saturday endowment schedule at the closest temple

Each potential temple is given a score called a Temple Likelihood Value (TLV). If the score is greater than 20, a future temple is likely. If the score is over 40, a future temple is almost certain. The Layton temple scores a TLV of 47. The Price Utah Temple is almost tied with a TLV of 46. But both are way behind the first place Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo Temple with a TLV of 60.5.

The Layton temple would be approximately six miles away from where I live in Kaysville, thus saving me a whole seven miles off the thirteen mile drive to the Bountiful temple. Now if we could just get a Kaysville Utah Temple…


15 Mar 2009 Matt has updated his Temple Likelihood Value with a fifth element. Out of the 76 temples outside of the United States, only six exist in cities which do not have a mission based in them. The presence of a mission of the Church in a city increases the likelihood of a temple being announced in that city. He has not yet factored this in to his temple scale.
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