Layton Utah Temple Likely

Layton Utah Temple

Layton Utah Temple

According to Matt Martinich, one of the next temples to be announced will probably be built in Layton, Utah.

Matt has developed a quantitative method for identifying cities which are likely to have a new temple announced. His method considers these factors:

  • Long distances from an existing temple
  • Large number of stakes and districts
  • Stakes which have existed before 1981
  • Busy Saturday endowment schedule at the closest temple

Each potential temple is given a score called a Temple Likelihood Value (TLV). If the score is greater than 20, a future temple is likely. If the score is over 40, a future temple is almost certain. The Layton temple scores a TLV of 47. The Price Utah Temple is almost tied with a TLV of 46. But both are way behind the first place Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo Temple with a TLV of 60.5.

The Layton temple would be approximately six miles away from where I live in Kaysville, thus saving me a whole seven miles off the thirteen mile drive to the Bountiful temple. Now if we could just get a Kaysville Utah Temple…


15 Mar 2009 Matt has updated his Temple Likelihood Value with a fifth element. Out of the 76 temples outside of the United States, only six exist in cities which do not have a mission based in them. The presence of a mission of the Church in a city increases the likelihood of a temple being announced in that city. He has not yet factored this in to his temple scale.
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  1. This site is so interesting

  2. Brian Duffin says

    A Kaysville temple would certainly be nice. Kaysville was one of my favorite places to live when I was younger. A temple would be a nice cherry on top of an already great place to live and raise a family.

    TLV, interesting acronym. I am used to TLV meaning “evacuate” (threshold limit value) and I would have a difficult time associating it with a temple.

  3. I’m hoping for a Cottonwood Heights, UT temple.
    Could be called “Temple Between the Canyons”
    (Cottonwood Heights is known as the “City Between the Canyons”)
    We need an ‘east side SLC county’ temple.

  4. Brian,
    The author of the original post didn’t use TLV, maybe because of the same “evacuate” reason. I like the name of your blog, you did well to get the domain.

  5. Bethie,
    I expect that there will be more Salt Lake county temples. Hope you get your wish — right after the Kaysville temple is built.

  6. shelly wagar says

    This is good news for the Layton area

  7. I dunno, it doesn’t seem to be that long of a distance from other Temples in the region such as Bountiful or Ogden, so I question that “long distance” parameter. I would think a place like Wendover could use a Temple at some point, or Toole.

    For that matter, there are still some entire US states that lack a Temple, notably Wyoming. I suggest that a Temple in Cheyenne would save folks there and in Casper the long drive to Denver.

    Come to think of it I’m surprised there has yet to be a second Colorado temple, given the huge growth that state has experienced since the ’80s and the small size of the Denver Temple.

    There’s still a few large cities without a temple, such as Indianapolis and Miami.

  8. Observer,
    The Jordan River temple and the Oquirrh Mountain temple are 4.2 miles apart and both are located in the same city of South Jordan. Not exactly long distance, though this seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

  9. Observer says

    Granted … !

  10. How exciting! I wonder if it will be as lovely as our Bountiful temple.

  11. I don’t know what is so exciting about it. Don’t you think there are enough?

  12. BJ Mortensen says

    Where would be the location of the Layton Temple? Would it be off Cherry Lane or Oak Hills Drive?

  13. Abigail jones says

    Exactly nine years later. A Layton, Utah temple was announced 😂

  14. Brett James Goff says

    Not sure if this is still followed but a Layton Temple is now a reality.

  15. Only took 9 years!

  16. Anonymous says

    Nailed it

  17. HolyRandom says

    Looks like you called it, Layton Temple was announced today, 9 years after your first prediction.

  18. Boom!

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