Layton and Farmington Windstorm Cleanup

Layton windstorm repairs

My sons repairing the wind damage to Steven's home. He's the dude wearing sunglasses in December

Other cities besides Kaysville had windstorm damage. Over in Layton my son Steven had his brothers helping to replace lost shingles. I stayed on the ground in a support role, fetching tools, bringing hot chocolate that Adelaide made, and picking up all the broken shingles scattered all over the lot.

My grandson Bryson helped by pointing with his stick to each piece of shingle and saying, “That one there, this one there, Grandpa.” Over in Farmington, my daughter Sarah, snapped some photographs of Heritage Park from the Frontage Road. She was driving past and was struck at the sight of all those tarps.

Layton windstorm repairs

From left: Paul, Steven, Dan, Jake

Layton windstorm cleanup

Bryson supervises the cleanup. Grandpa you missed one!

Farmington windstorm cleanup

Looking over Heritage Park at all the tarps

Farmington windstorm cleanup

It looks like almost every house lost shingles

Rachel, my daughter-in-law, was driving back from town and as she approached her home she saw a woman and children picking up the broken shingles around the house. She was so embarrassed that she drove right past. She waited until they were gone before going back home. Later when she was telling me her story she said, “I wonder if they picked up the back yard as well?”

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