Archives for August 2008

Jake’s Missionary Meeting

I had a companion who didn’t want to work and wanted to sleep in. I hadn’t learned how to tell people they are wrong. So I kicked a soccer ball against the wall by his bed to wake him up.

Utah Temples Tour

Utah has eleven temples with two more under construction. I am planning a road trip to visit all the Utah temples, including those under construction. I am considering going through a session at each temple, except of course those under construction.

Past Pictures: Temple Site

Cove Fort

Cove Fort is located on Cove Creek a mile northeast of the I-15 and I-70 junction in Millard County, Utah. It was founded on 29 April 1867 by Ira Hinckley at the request of Brigham Young.

Protect Marriage News

The Proposition 8 Campaign reacted strongly to the California Supreme Court’s ruling that California doctors who have religious objections to artificially inseminating same-sex couples can no longer refuse to treat them.

Epic Excerpts: Horatio Nelson

Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, born in 1758, was a British flag officer made famous in the Battle of Trafalgar. In this decisive British victory he lost his life.

Missionary Jake Returns

Today Jake was returning from Mexico after two years. We all climbed into our rickety old van and went to the airport to greet him. Parents and siblings were all there along with an aunt and cousin. It is indeed a happy day.

Old Iron Town State Park

Iron Town, founded by Ebenezer Hanks, was Iron County’s second attempt at mining iron. The town had an iron furnace with a 2,500 pound capacity and was operated from June 1868 to 1877. There was a brick schoolhouse, machine shop, blacksmith shop, pattern shop, molding shop, erastra (grinding device), and two charcoal kilns.

Mountain Meadows Massacre

There are two monuments. We visit the Mountain Meadows Association Monument first. There were not many visitors, in fact just Jill and I. A short 220 yard walk gets us to the top of Dan Sill Hill where the monument overlooks locations of interest.