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Protect Marriage Pastor Calls

This morning approximately 2,500 pastors and church leaders gathered at 170 sites in California to participate in a Protect Marriage conference call/Webinar. On the call, pastors and church leaders of all denominations received information and resources to be used in garnering YES on Proposition 8 support from their communities and congregations.

Supporters of Same-Sex Marriage Ad

Backers of same-sex “marriage” have begun airing a new television ad. The Let Freedom Ring ad, which is now airing in California, doesn’t make direct mention of Prop. 8, nevertheless, its intent is clear — to encourage tolerance of same-sex marriage.

Prop. 8 Volunteers Visit More Than One Million Voter Households

Approximately 50,000 Prop. 8 volunteers took to their neighborhoods on Aug. 16 and 23 to encourage their friends and neighbors to vote YES on Proposition 8. By devoting just a few hours of their time, volunteers have reached more than one million households up and down the state in two days.

Advocates of Same-Sex Marriage Continue to Force Compliance

The Proposition 8 Campaign reacted strongly to the California Supreme Court’s ruling that California doctors who have religious objections to artificially inseminating same-sex couples can no longer refuse to treat them. The Court’s decision overturns a previous state Appeals Court decision which ruled in favor of the doctors in 2005.

This latest ruling proves that advocates of same-sex marriage are not simply seeking tolerance, but rather are pushing for compliance in every corner of California society. They will stop at nothing to chip away at the free speech rights and the rights of conscience of Californians everywhere, forcing individuals to accept their lifestyle even against a person’s personal or religious beliefs. It is a slippery slope against the individual rights of Californians.
Ron Prentice, on behalf of the Campaign.

The Supreme Court rejected a San Diego County fertility clinic’s right to refuse performing a procedure. North Coast Women’s Care in Vista declined to perform an intrauterine insemination for an individual, and referred the individual to another facility.

Knights of Columbus Catholic Organization

Just this last week, the Knights of Columbus, the world’s largest Catholic family fraternal service organization, donated $1 million to Proposition 8. Throughout its history, the Knights of Columbus has been an effective advocate and defender of civil and religious rights for all.

Knights of Columbus spokesman Patrick Korten stressed that the importance of, “preserving marriage as the indispensable institution in which children are conceived, born and raised to adulthood by a loving father and mother is vital to a healthy society. It is also the most favorable environment in which to protect the rights and best interests of children.”

Additional Information

Information for this post came from a Protect Marriage campaign update. For more information see Protect Marriage.


  1. I believe anyone who wants to get married should have the right. Regardless of race, color, or creed. Who are we to judge. We don’t interfere when two people of the opposite race get married, why interfere when two people of the same sex want to marry. Let’s not get in the way of two individuals who simply want to express their love.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Your statement does not address the full range of issues. As I have stated in comments in other posts some of those concerns range from adoption services having to close; colleges having to open up married dormitories; doctors being forced to give in vitro fertilization treatment; forcing mental health counselors to help improve lesbians relationships; having to photograph same-sex union weddings; and so on. These are not just hypothetical situations, they actually happened (see National Public Radio, “When Gay Rights and Religious Liberties Clash”). Of primary importance in this debate is what is best for the children which is why marriage exists in the first place. The debate about children is curiously missing from the No on 8 crowd. Some additional concerns of mine would revolve around religious liberties and also how same-sex marriage would be taught in schools. Parents would have to be guaranteed that they could opt their children out of classes that teach about same-sex marriage. This has not happened in Massachusetts. After Proposition 8 passed people were forced out of their jobs and places of worship were picketed, all because U.S. citizens exercised their right to vote and donate to a cause. This is truly indicative of what is ahead of supporters of traditional marriage and proves to me that it was right to take a stand now.

  3. I’m sorry to burst the bubble of people who agree on it but I strongly not concur with the same-sex marriage policy wherein other countries signed on it. Man is for woman, and vice verse alone. As what I have notice, the immorality nowadays is sinking down. Marriage is sacred thus we have to keep it that way.

  4. This is a tougher issue than many think. I understand why gays want to marry, but I think it’s important to point out that marriage is a certain recognized legal union by the state. Whereas any person can have a form of a legal relationship with someone, like if someone lived with their brother or sister. They are a household and can receive certain legally recognized status as a relationship by a state. Every relationship can’t be called “marriage.” Marriage was intended for building a family.

    But at the same time, we all have to realize that these folks genuinely want to marry each other and it’s not just to bug us. I wish things were simpler.

  5. Many folks see this issue as very simple. The answer is, “No.” When the populace votes as opposed to judges and legislatures the answer has always been a very clear and simple “No to homosexual marriage.”

  6. I’m tired of seeing the courts overturn, laws that are voted for or against anything, regardless of the issue, judges need to be reminded that they work for the voters and do not have any business overturning any popular vote.

  7. I like what you say about marriage,and remember marriage means commitment,honesty,trust.So remember to keep the marriage alive you need to keep love and romance alive as well. This means every one.

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