Shopping With A Quiet Child

Bryson Playing Angry Birds on a Kindle Fire

How to shop with a quiet child: Place Bryson in shopping cart Give him a Kindle Fire Run Angry Birds Good for 15 to 30 minutes of quiet. Results vary by child. Photo Credit: From the iPhone of Megan … [Continue reading]

Ron Paul Banana Nut Bread

Ron Paul Banana Nut Bread

  After a small donation last week to the Ron Paul Campaign I received three copies of The Ron Paul Family Cookbook. I gave one of the cookbooks to Adelaide and she made Banana Nut Bread, with a slight change of ingredients: What I did … [Continue reading]

Motor Trend Auto Show

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

On Monday I stopped by Motor Trend's Auto Show in Sandy. My sons Paul and Jake wanted to see it so I went along. In the time I was there, I wasn't approached once by any salespeople (a positive) and I was able to check out a lot of new autos. I was … [Continue reading]

Margaret Thatcher on Socialism

Margaret Thatcher White House cabinet room talks

On 3 May 1979 I voted for Margaret Thatcher in the United Kingdom general election. The next year I emigrated to the United States. The two events were not connected as I very much admire Margaret Thatcher, the United Kingdom's and Europe's first … [Continue reading]

Building a Giant Snowman

Secure his head

I thought it would never snow but overnight we got several inches in Kaysville. Out came the snowman builders to construct a giant snowman. Just build him like a regular snowman but bigger. You may need some help to hoist his head so pay attention to … [Continue reading]

I Love to See the Temple

Aurora and Cassandra at the Salt Lake Temple

Last week my granddaughters Aurora and Cassandra went to the wedding of their mother's cousin Alyse. This photograph was taken in the grounds of the Salt Lake Temple while Alyse and Adam were getting their pictures taken. 1 I love to see the … [Continue reading]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! … [Continue reading]

Lesson Learned

Hand through ceiling

Lesson learned on this last day of 2011: When crawling in the attic don't lean on the sheetrock! … [Continue reading]

Graduate Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars - Adelaide

  Rachel graduated with her Bachelors degree in Child & Family Studies and Derek with his M.B.A. To celebrate we ate out, waged Nerf War, and finished with cake. So on Wednesday it was off to Cafe Rio and then to Jake and Rachel's … [Continue reading]