Shopping With A Quiet Child

Bryson Playing Angry Birds on a Kindle Fire

How to shop with a quiet child:

  1. Place Bryson in shopping cart
  2. Give him a Kindle Fire
  3. Run Angry Birds

Good for 15 to 30 minutes of quiet. Results vary by child.

Photo Credit: From the iPhone of Megan
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Grandpa Gets a Train Set

Cassandra supervises the train schedule

Great shades of Lilliput: Cassandra supervises the train schedule

For Christmas I was given a train set by my wife. I suspect she got the idea from me mentioning that it was time I introduced Bryson to electric trains. On first seeing the train, Bryson was really excited. But first I had to bring in the groceries. So he waited patiently. Later Aurora came to visit and was just as impressed as Bryson. They both had turns controlling the locomotive, although Aurora, being younger, grabbed at a freight car while the train was moving and sent it plunging 200 H0 feet to the kitchen floor.

Bryson and Aurura admire the train set

It is serious business driving a train

You know, you just have to make sure your grandchildren are well trained and off track.
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