Shopping With A Quiet Child

Bryson Playing Angry Birds on a Kindle Fire

How to shop with a quiet child:

  1. Place Bryson in shopping cart
  2. Give him a Kindle Fire
  3. Run Angry Birds

Good for 15 to 30 minutes of quiet. Results vary by child.

Photo Credit: From the iPhone of Megan
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  1. Unfortunately, I think this only works if one child is involved. Unless other kids are better at sharing than mine, that is. By the way, I like your mobile format – very professional-looking.

  2. When i was little child, there were neither kindles, nor fires. :) So, quietness was only a dream of my parents. :)

  3. Bad Piggies says

    LOL just fill your ipad or ipod with a lot of cool games and that’s it, he’ll be quit all the time… ;)

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