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The Temple In Brigham City

It has been a week since the last photographs of the temple. The most visible sign of construction is the addition of more girders. In the third photograph, the height of the crane stands out — I wonder if it will be hoisting the statue of the Angel Moroni to its place atop the temple? […]

Daniel Has Such Cool Girlfriends

Now that Daniel is back from his mission he can concentrate on his schooling and maybe the odd girlfriend. His latest date, Krystal, was somewhat cold and a little flaky but she didn’t talk much so that was a positive. She has no heart for studying but did try a semester at Snow College. Krystal […]

Brigham City Temple Construction Continues

Since last week, the temple has visible signs of more construction. The floors, instead of being just a framework of girders, now look like one could walk on them without falling through. In the last photograph in this series, you can also see the renowned Brigham City Tabernacle. Main Street runs between the two buildings. […]

The Limits To Population Projections

I am intrigued by predictions of calamities that never materialized. For example, in the five decades leading up to the year 2000, I have lived through predictions of mass starvation, nuclear annihilation, and an ice age. In 1972, The Club of Rome published a book entitled The Limits To Growth. In the foreword, on page […]

100 Years Ago: Wireless, Parliament, Cities of the Sun

The following was adapted from the Improvement Era magazine of March 1911. Wireless Telegraphy Wireless telegraphy has achieved a new triumph. The telegrams announced, a few days ago, that a physician on an ocean inner prescribed for and cured a case of ptomain-poisoning on a ship, eight hundred miles from the physician; and likewise the […]

Replacing My Sacrificial Anode

It is time, yet again, to replace my water heater’s sacrificial anode. My purpose here is to bring to your awareness the importance of changing the anode to substantially prolong the life of your water heater. This is not a “how to” and if you are unsure of your skills you should call a professional. […]

Construction of the Brigham City Utah Temple

In just a week, since our last visit, the Brigham City Utah Temple has gained another floor. In the last photograph in this series, you can see where the Brigham City Tabernacle stands in relation to the temple. Although you cannot see it in the photograph, Main Street runs between the two buildings. A plaque […]

Brigham City Temple

The Brigham City Utah Temple gained a floor since our last visit. As construction continues you can see the changes from two weeks ago. President Boyd K. Packer in his opening remarks at the groundbreaking held Saturday, July 31, 2010 said: I can see in my mind’s eye a temple sitting here in about two […]

Presidents on the United States

The State of the Union The annual address by the President to the Congress reports on the condition of the nation and outlines the President’s legislative agenda and his national priorities. Before Warren Harding most presidents delivered the State of the Union as a written report. He shall from time to time give to Congress […]