Daniel Has Such Cool Girlfriends

Daniel and girlfriendNow that Daniel is back from his mission he can concentrate on his schooling and maybe the odd girlfriend. His latest date, Krystal, was somewhat cold and a little flaky but she didn’t talk much so that was a positive. She has no heart for studying but did try a semester at Snow College.

Krystal likes ice skating, snow cones, and being outdoors. Her favorite movies are The Day After Tomorrow, Snow White, and Cold Mountain. I think she likes Daniel because she literally melted in his arms. Daniel’s brother said not to let this one slip away.

Krystal under construction

Krystal under construction

Unfortunately Krystal told Daniel she will be leaving for the summer but will be back next winter, probably with the first snows.

What do you think of Krystal?
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  1. great story. Made my day. We just had a snow storm too, I just might have to make a snowman.

  2. She is giving him the cold shoulder this summer, eh?

  3. Actually, I think it was Dan that gave her the cold shoulder. He said she wasn’t worth the time or something. To be fair, he did put a lot of hard work into their relationship for her to just evaporate into thin air.

  4. Krystal looks like a cool chick!

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