Updated LDS Membership Statistics

The complete updated membership statistics are available at World LDS Membership.

Today I finished updating the LDS membership statistics pages to bring them up to date to the end of 2007. My source was a Deseret News 2009 Church Almanac. This year the detailed country pages were absent but the Membership Statistics summary was still included. This does not have the percentage of LDS members like the detailed country pages. So I had to gather those from various websites including the U.S. Census and Wikipedia. The largest table for me to update was of course the World LDS Membership. I already had a spreadsheet that generates the HTML code for me. I added a column to the spreadsheet that had the population of each country. I was fortunate to be able to copy and paste it in with only a few minor deletions of countries where there are no LDS members.

Now all I had to do was to go through and enter the latest membership figures into the spreadsheet. Around 98% of the countries had an increase in membership. The gain was sufficient to also increase the percentage of LDS in each country although only by a fraction of a percent. This means that the increases in membership in most countries is more than the overall population increase, as a percentage. I was surprised to see the Australian membership decrease from 132,638 in 2006 to 119,975 in 2007. A net loss of 12,663 did not seem to be correct. However, the Membership Statistics summary for 2006 listed Australia as having 116,925 which meant that the 132,638 figure was a typo. So there was not a loss but a net increase in 2007 of 3,050 — members, glad to have you back.

Once the spreadsheet was updated I copied the generated HTML column and pasted it into my blog page. I also updated the U.S., U.K., and Canadian pages that break down the membership into state, country, and province, respectively. Of course, the information on these pages can be found at the LDS Newsroom website, which is where you’ve probably been going all along.
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  1. Dog forum says

    Wow the percentage of mormons in american somoa is high! Didn’t know that.

  2. American Samoa is not the highest percentage. Samoa is 30.92% and Tonga is 46.42%.

  3. Hey I am teaching eq this week and I once heard statistics about FHE.. like how many missionarys that are on missions had FHE regularly, or were married in the temple.. Do you know where I could find anything like that? Anything will help me. Thanks!

  4. Grant,
    I don’t know the answers to your questions. I would think that how many returned missionaries were married in the temple would be available somewhere. I found this reference but it is old. There is no reason to think that the percentages have changed very much:

    A recent survey of returned full-time missionaries provides hard evidence that a mission does make a difference in a young man’s life. Over a thousand missionaries answered questions on their attendance at Church meetings; obedience to certain key commandments; and service in the Church; and the results were impressive:

    97 percent of the returned missionaries attended at least one sacrament meeting a month, and 91 percent attended at least three sacrament meetings a month. This is far ahead of over-all Churchwide attendance figures.

    89 percent of the returned missionaries had a current Church calling.

    95 percent of the returned missionaries who were married were married in the temple, again far ahead of Churchwide figures. (Ensign)

    Scroll down to the second article in the link. The article is from 1978.

  5. Is this data available for past years? I’m interested in seeing where the Church is growing the fastest.

    • the church is growing fastest in africa.they dont have the inter net there they are to poor..every where else people are learning the truth about the church and the early history and leaving the church.attendace is down all over the country..the missinarys are not bringing in new members like they used to because people cancheck the history and find out the lyes there beening told by the missinarys and dont join

  6. Jeff,
    I get the data from the LDS Church Almanac each year but that information I have not found online. I don’t know where you would find what you want. I’ve found the LDS Church Growth blog has a lot of information.

  7. Annette Matherly says

    Hi there …. do you have any idea of the number of Female LDS members in comparison to male members …. i am teaching a lesson and would love to give those stats but cannot find them anywhere… i teach on the 27th ( so if you have data i would love it before then ) Thanks sooooooooooo much .

    • That is a really good question. In the early years of the Church Almanacs (1970s) there is a separate column entitled “0-19 unordained, children, and female members”. So those numbers I can give you for a particular country or state, and for Utah per county. But as I say, only for some years in the 70s.

      I will see what I can find. I may not be able to come up with the information you seek but a reader may be able to help if I cannot.

    • Looking through the Ensigns I see that the last year of useful statistics for your purposes is 1977. The May 1977 issue has a Statistical Report for 1976. In it is a breakdown by priesthood and relief society. The following years there are no relief society numbers and then the amount of statistics reported is greatly reduced.

      Members holding the Aaronic Priesthood, as of December 31, 1976

      Deacons 141,341
      Teachers 109,396
      Priests 188,122
      Total number holding Aaronic Priesthood 438,859

      Members holding the Melchizedek Priesthood, December 31, 1976

      Elders 320,876
      Seventies 26,328
      High Priests 120,117
      Total number holding Melchizedek Priesthood 467,321

      Grand total, members holding Aaronic or Melchizedek Priesthood 906,180

      Church Organizations (Enrollment)
      Relief Society 1,129,135
      Young Women 249,724

      Combining the totals we have (12 and older):
      Males: 906,180
      Females: 1,378,859

      Except that males 12 and older holding no priesthood would not be counted here. So one really can’t get to any meaningful ratio.

      Here is the source: Ensign, May 1977

  8. with the churchs stand on ilegal mexicans and boyd k packers talk on gays there is a lot of members that got up set and quit going to church because they found out there tax dollars were going to support the illegal mexicans and people that have gay children were also upset because there children didnt choose to be gay they were born that way..the church has made some mistakes in the way they deal with things..to bad but they need cheap laber..and they do not like queers

  9. Harlan Carpenter says

    I can understand why you say “rickety”. Your newest statistics are 2008…? We have grown a few million since then. Good idea, keeping everything that old…! Makes anti-LDS criticism and sarcasm more appealing to the public. For information, present population of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has comfortably topped 4,000,000, as of the end of 2011…!

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