Ford Canyon

Last Saturday I ventured up Ford Canyon with Jill and Susan. The bridges were washed out so I fished a plank out of the water and we used that to cross Ricks Creek. We were not very far from civilization but it seemed like it as we got stuck in the undergrowth. We followed a […]

Shepard Creek Trail

Yesterday Susan, Shauna, Jill and I hiked Shepard Creek Trail.

Patsy’s Mine Hike: Part 2

On Friday we hiked to Patsy’s Mine in the mountains above Farmington.

Patsy’s Mine Hike: Part 1

Yesterday we went to Patsy’s Mine above Farmington. It can be a pleasant hike — if you don’t get lost in the undergrowth, don’t have a heart attack on the steep rise, and don’t bang your head on the mine roof.

Deuel Creek North and South and Centerville Canyon

On Friday Susan, Melissa, Jill and I took a pleasant hike up Centerville Canyon. We parked the car on the dirt road by the Deuel Creek North trailhead and ended up walking to the Deuel Creek South trailhead. So we began by following the south trail for about one mile to the junction of the […]

The Mueller Park Trail

Today we hiked The Mueller Park Trail in Bountiful. It is a great walk that is mostly shaded all the way up. Much of the trail is gently sloped. From various locations there are good views of the Great Salt Lake and the valley far below. The Mueller Park Trail is 13 miles round trip. […]

City Creek Canyon Trail

Yesterday found us walking along City Creek Canyon Trail. We walked up the road 2.5 miles and back again. So not many photographs.

Bear Lake Trip

After a pleasant night’s sleep Shauna took off at 7:30am to the beach to throw down some blankets to reserve a spot. We launched the jet skis and each of us took a turn riding them.

Nephi Overnighter

There were bats flying nearby and if you shielded your eyes from the bright camp light you could see them catch a big fat juicy moth. Now I never did see any bats but I did see plenty of moths. Whether they were juicy or not I’m not able to say.