100 Years Ago: Insurrection, Death, North Pole

The following was adapted from the Improvement Era magazine of March 1911. Insurrection In Mexico (Again) The insurrection in Mexico, in the interest of Francisco de Madero, the defeated candidate for the presidency, which broke out on November 17 last, is still in progress in northern Mexico. Considerable trouble has been experienced by roving bands […]

100 Years Ago: Wards, Liquor, and Lynchings

The following was adapted from the Improvement Era magazine of February 1911. Number of Wards The number of wards in the various stakes of Zion increased from 689, in 1909, to 696 in 1910. There are now 62 stakes, not including the California mission, where five wards were organized in 1910. Duchesne stake, with four […]

Mormons Living in El Paso Lumber Yard

These Mormons were probably refugees from Mexico. In addition to numerous Mexican refugees, nearly 3,000 Mormons sought refuge in El Paso in 1912, going there from Mexico to escape dangers in the border areas during the Mexican revolution that started in 1911.

Mission Reflexiones: Comienzos

I remember calmly opening the envelope with the cameras rolling and reading the letter that extended my call to serve in the Mexico, Mexico City North Mission.

Missionary Jake – Part 8 of 10

This week we found two great families. The mom of one family said “I’ve been praying to know which church is the true church.” I said something like “Perfect, we have an answer.” She will be baptized in two weeks along with two of her five children and her mother.

Missionary Jake – Part 7 of 10

We are still the best zone in the mission. The president is really proud of our work. In November we are going to break another record. There are two wards in my area. One ward is really strong and the other ward is a little weak. We are working hard to keep the attendance high with lots of new converts.

Missionary Jake – Part 2 of 10

Mexico is a blast. There is a ton of people to teach and they are a very faithful people. The mission president has told us to always invite people to be baptized in the first lesson, and most of them accept! If they don’t during the first lesson then usually the second.