Graduate Nerf Wars

  Rachel graduated with her Bachelors degree in Child & Family Studies and Derek with his M.B.A. To celebrate we ate out, waged Nerf War, and finished with cake. So on Wednesday it was off to Cafe Rio and then to Jake and Rachel’s basement. We divided into two teams with total annihilation of the […]

Grand Canyon Addendum

Family members who have seen this video have requested that I post it. A kind of Grand Canyon addendum to our recent trip. I about fall over laughing every time I watch Jill’s little stumble. .

So they loaded up the truck and they moved to Kaysville

Derek and Sarah have been back from Texas since June and staying with family. Yesterday it was time for them to move back into their own home.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

I wanted to take my grandchildren camping so I made reservations for two campsites. I then invited the parents to go and before the day was out they were ready for the trip. So last weekend we went to Wasatch Mountain State Park. We camped overnight at Little Deer Creek Campground. Here are a few […]

Independence Day Kaysville Rotary Run For Reading 5K

This morning was the Independence Day Kaysville Rotary 12th Annual 10K and 5K Run / 5K Walk “Run for Reading” at the Davis High School Stadium.

Return From Texas Exile

When Jill heard the news she was just ecstatic. Jill is not an emotional women (sounds contradictory, I know) but this once she was a whoopin’ and a hollerin’ all over the house.

Cowboys Stadium Tour

Tours of Cowboys Stadium allow fans behind-the-scenes access to several areas including the Cowboys Locker Room, Cheerleaders Locker Room, Playing Field, Private Clubs, Media Interview Room and other areas.

Baby Bryson Is Blessed

Today we headed over to the Kaysville 12th. Ward for Bryson’s blessing. Bryson’s relatives were there in large numbers on this happy day.

Bear Lake Trip

After a pleasant night’s sleep Shauna took off at 7:30am to the beach to throw down some blankets to reserve a spot. We launched the jet skis and each of us took a turn riding them.