Return From Texas Exile

Derek, Bryson, and Sarah

Derek, Bryson, and Sarah

Perhaps the title of my post is somewhat over done but to me it seems like Derek, Sarah, and Bryson have been in exile. However, the part that says return is right on. Yes, Derek, Sarah, and Bryson are returning to Utah. Derek has found work in Salt Lake City and the family will be here by Memorial Day.

When Jill heard the news she was just ecstatic. Jill is not an emotional women (sounds contradictory, I know) but this once she was a whoopin’ and a hollerin’ all over the house. You could not find a happier woman in all of creation.

I am just glad it has finally happened, a lot sooner than I supposed. I admit the last month I have been praying every morning for them to return. Why am I then surprised when prayers are answered? Lack of faith I suppose.

One thing is known for sure. We won’t be letting them get away so easily the next time, if there ever is a next time.

Welcome home!

Photograph by Adelaide

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  1. Yippy!!! I was just like Jill when i read the article!!! i can’t wait for them to be back! When school is out i will come and babysit him for ya guys! :)

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