North Fork Park

North Fork Park camp

North Fork Park campsite

I believe this is the first time that Jill and I have been camping with all our grown children at the same time. Plus their spouses were with us as well as all three of our grandchildren. We did not go far, just to North Fork Park.

North Fork Park Bryson and Aurora

Bryson and Aurora enjoy giant marshmallows

North Fork Park Cassandra


Our children’s spouses are fun to be around. Jill and I are glad that they are a part of our family.

North Fork Park Derek


North Fork Park Rachel


North Fork Park Adelaide


The sunglasses that Adelaide is wearing remind me of the ones Jill wore back in the early 1980s.

For cooking, we had Derek’s smoker, which provided us with some great chicken. Sarah cooked our evening meal using dutch ovens. The campfire was used to roast marshmallows and a homemade cooker, made from a 12 ounce can, carboard, and candle wax, was utilized to cook our bacon and eggs for breakfast.

North Fork Park Derek and smoked chicken

Derek attending to his smoked chicken. Mmm...tasty

North Fork Park dinner

Dinner, clockwise from left: Paul, Megan, Jake, Rachel, Dan, Steven, Aurora, Adelaide, Cassandra, Rick

North Fork Park Dan

Dan: Marshmallow, anyone?

For entertainment we visited around the campfire, played with grandchildren, and identified the stars using Google Sky. There was also…

North Fork Park moose

moose watching...

North Fork Park Dan playing guitar


North Fork Park Jake and Cassandra

Jake making faces at Cassandra...

North Fork Park Jill and Cassandra

and smoke avoidance

The moose were just hanging around the campground.

Sleeping was uneventful except for Jake eating too much dinner and bursting his sleeping mat. And lastly, the mandatory group photograph, click for a 4000×3000 version.

North Fork Park Jake

We heard a loud bang late last night. It was just Jake and his exploding mat.

North Fork Park group photo

Rear: Jake, Paul, Dan, Steve, Derek, Rick. Front: Jill, Aurora, Rachel, Megan, Bryson, Cassandra, Ada, Sarah

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Wasatch Mountain State Park

I wanted to take my grandchildren camping so I made reservations for two campsites. I then invited the parents to go and before the day was out they were ready for the trip. So last weekend we went to Wasatch Mountain State Park. We camped overnight at Little Deer Creek Campground.

Here are a few of the photographs and videos taken by Steven, Jill, and Rick. Click on the images to enlarge. If you cannot see the videos, click here.

We unloaded and pitched the tents. We were only staying overnight but it seemed like we had food for a week. That’s Jill by the picnic table. The campsites were large, had running water, and some had shade. We had quite a view.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

I brought plenty of wood for a fire to cook our hot-dogs.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

Aurora was ready to eat…

Wasatch Mountain State Park

…just about anything.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

After we ate Bryson and Aurora put to good use the local materials that were lying around. Aurora used her truck to level the ground.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

We had lots of adults to go around when the grandchildren needed to be held. Here is Sarah with Aurora.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

Steven with Cassandra. Steven is the one on the right.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

Derek with Bryson.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

And me.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

We retired to our tents while Jake slept out in the open.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

In the morning, before breakfast, Derek took Bryson for a walk.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

Jake is a handy guy to have around when you are hungry for some ham.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

Sarah appears to be enjoying her breakfast.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

Any left for me?

Wasatch Mountain State Park

Before noon we broke camp and drove a few miles onto federal land to visit Cascade Springs in Uinta National Forest. The trail through Cascade Springs consists primarily of a raised boardwalk which crosses over a series of clear shallow pools. Calcite mineral deposits accumulated and formed terraces over which the water cascades.

Adelaide holds Cassandra, who didn’t really want to see running water just right now.

Cascade Springs

Jill loves the outdoors…

Cascade Springs

…while Cassandra has yet to make up her mind.

Cascade Springs

I do believe we will go camping again. There is no better way to spend the weekend than with family.

Cascade Springs

The water coming from the springs has made a long journey from limestone caverns deep within the earth. Forced through cracks and fissures, the water emerges here as “travertine”. The deposits have gradually accumulated to make the terraces for the pools at Cascade Springs. Approximately seven and one-half million gallons flow from the springs each day.

Overnight at Echo Island Ranch Camperworld

Last weekend found us at Echo Island Ranch Camperworld. Jill’s sister, Susan, invited us to stay over Friday night at the camp ground. The video is of my son Paul tending Aurora. Occasionally Aurora gets a little fussy and needs to be walked around. So Paul obligingly walked her around.

For family and friends I have collected a few photographs of our weekend. Aurora’s parents, Steven and Adelaide, were nearby.

Steven at Camperworld.

Steven relaxing at Camperworld.

Adelaide at Camperworld.

Adelaide and Tux.

Camperworld sites.

We took up two sites at Camperworld.


Only a one hour drive from Salt Lake City. While adding beautiful campsites with lush lawns and tall stands of shade trees, Camperworld has maintained the country atmosphere by leaving much of this land to open meadows, meandering streams, and small islands. The freeway just a few hundred feet away was noisy but didn’t spoil the fun — just our sleep.

Echo Island Ranch has been developed with water, power and sewer hookups. Two separate rest room complexes with showers were available. Fishing is excellent on the Weber River, which runs through the park or at Jordanelle, Rock Port or Echo Reservoirs just a short distance away.

A children’s fishing pond has been developed. There are swimming pools, hot tubs, and a children’s wading pool. Horseshoes, volleyball and a playground are some of other other activities available. Boat and RV storage is available.

Paul and Jill in a big hottub at Camperworld.

Paul and Jill in the biggest hottub I have ever seen.

Conner, Shauna, and Connie swimming.

Connor, Shauna, and Connie.

Fishing at Camperworld.

Steven, Ashley, Connor, and Paul try some fishing.


Only the best American cuisine. Clockwise from top: Kent, Melissa, Susan, Adelaide, and Connie.


Top class sleeping accommodations for Paul and Connor.

Checking email.

Rick using the state-of-the-art communications center to check his email.

Rick holding Aurora.

I get to spend some time with my granddaughter.

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