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Brigham City Temple Spires

Today the photographs of the Brigham City temple construction reveal the west spire in place. Last week there was only the spire framework. The statue of the angel Moroni is scheduled to be placed atop the east spire on Tuesday, July 12, 2011, at noon. Installation will take around thirty minutes. The streets surrounding the […]

Brigham City Temple Roof

Yesterday a visit to the Brigham City temple construction showed the red roof of the temple. Last week there was work on the west side of the temple and that appears to have continued. There is still the unfinished west spire but it cannot be too long before that is completed. I wonder when the […]

Thirty-Two Bottles of Root Beer

One of my gifts on Father’s Day was thirty-two bottles of root beer — all different. I will have to sample every one to tell you my favorite. I had a great Father’s Day with good food and good family.

Precision Smokestack Targeting

Once in awhile I read an amusing quote. There was one recently in an article by The Wall Street Journal reporting on the Pentagon’s first cyber strategy. Part of the plan warns nations of the consequences of attacking the U.S. by hacking computer systems. Hackers, supported by national governments, pose as significant a threat to […]

Kamdyn Ross Brown

  Today we had a barbeque at Ty and Alex’s home in honor of Kamdyn Ross Brown. There was plenty of good food and lots of family showed up. The highlight of the evening was the releasing of the blue balloons up to Kamdyn in heaven. It appeared that it might rain but as you […]

Joint Family Home Evening: 72 Hour Kits

With three of my five children now married I asked them if once a month they would like to get together for a Joint Family Home Evening (JFHE). Everyone agreed so we all met for the first time this month for the purpose of putting together our 72 hour emergency kits. We decided to gradually […]

Brigham City Utah Temple

Yesterday a visit to the Brigham City temple construction site yielded a few photographs. Last week the focus was on the east spire installation. Now work is progressing on the west side of the temple. It will not be long before we see the west spire erected. Brigham City History Commerce The fruit growing business […]

5K Run Walk Bike Rollerblades Skateboards Strollers and Little Red Wagons

  Last Saturday was the annual Kaysville Utah South Stake 5K Run. Run in this instance includes walking and transportation such as strollers and little red wagons. I ran in 2008 but in 2010 I merely took photographs, as I did this year. The runners to watch this time are Jill and Mike, pictured below. […]

Brigham City Utah Temple Spire

Two weeks ago the Brigham City temple walls were being installed. Yesterday the base of the temple spire was the focus. Today the spire itself will be attached. I took a photograph from the webcam at noon (see below) after the spire was erected. It is looking more like a temple every day. Video   […]