Thirty-Two Bottles of Root Beer

Root Beer
One of my gifts on Father’s Day was thirty-two bottles of root beer — all different. I will have to sample every one to tell you my favorite. I had a great Father’s Day with good food and good family.
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  1. What a fun present. Does 32 represent anything? I didn’t know there were so many different root beers.

    • No, 32 does not represent anything. It is just the number of different root beer bottles the boys were able to find. So Mark had his first Father’s Day?

  2. So what store did they come from? And which one do you like the best so far?

  3. Galco’s Soda Pop Stop I like Gale’s Root Beer the best so far.

  4. Anonymous says

    I think the picture would look good on dual screens.

  5. I saw the title to this post and thought “on the wall.” “Take one down, pass it around . . .”

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