Brigham City Utah Temple Spire

Brigham City temple on Memorial Day

Brigham City temple on Memorial Day

Two weeks ago the Brigham City temple walls were being installed. Yesterday the base of the temple spire was the focus. Today the spire itself will be attached. I took a photograph from the webcam at noon (see below) after the spire was erected. It is looking more like a temple every day.

Brigham City temple spire cleaning

One of the sides of the base of the spire is cleaned. The spire is laying horizontally behind it

Brigham City temple base of spire

Construction workers ready to install the base walls of the spire

Brigham City temple spire

A wall of the spire base is installed

Brigham City temple spire work

Another wall being maneuvered in place



Brigham City temple spire base finishing touches

Another part of the base is aloft

Brigham City History


From 1852 until 1890, leaders of the LDS Church encouraged male church members, especially those in leadership positions, to marry more than one wife. Following the Old Testament precedent of plural wives, church members had the option, but not the requirement, of plural marriages. They believed they were protected in this practice by the freedom of religion clause in the Bill of Rights. Because of widespread negative reaction, however, Congress enacted legislation in 1882 which made polygamy a felony punishable by five years in prison and a $500 fine.

Although many were imprisoned, Mormon men continued in polygamy until the practice was officially abolished in 1890 by Church President Wilford Woodruff. By 1904, any man marrying more than one wife was excommunicated from the Church. Since Mormon polygamy was practiced for a relatively short time and no known official records of plural marriages were kept, it is impossible to determine precisely what percentage of Mormon men were polygamous. Among the men living in Brigham City between 1850 and 1880, however, at least 17% were polygamists. The more prominent and prosperous men of the community tended to have larger numbers of wives. (From:

Brigham City temple view of the spire

Webcam photo of the temple spire

Webcam photograph of the temple spire installed. Taken at noon today

Photo and Video Credit: Susan Ward
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  1. Anonymous says

    Wow, the temple is sure coming along fast! Look’s great!
    Can’t believe how those constructions workers just stand on the top without railings or anything.

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