Brigham City Utah Temple

Brigham City Utah Temple

The east spire is in place and work continues on the west side of the temple

Yesterday a visit to the Brigham City temple construction site yielded a few photographs. Last week the focus was on the east spire installation. Now work is progressing on the west side of the temple. It will not be long before we see the west spire erected.

Brigham City Utah Temple work on the west side

Brigham City History


The fruit growing business in Box Elder County was thriving in the 1890s. It had been initiated in 1855 when Wiliam Wrighton went to Salt Lake City, bought 100 peach stones for $1.00 and planted them in Brigham City. Peach production was so successful that the annual harvest celebration, started in 1904, was named Peach Days.

Many men grew fruit on their own property and sold it to supplement other income. William Knudsen, however, raised and sold fruit as his major source of income. He discovered early on that the Brigham City area was particularly adapted for peaches, berries and small fruits. He established a successful fruit growing and shipping business which sustained his family members for generations to come.

The first sugar beets were planted in 1891, and dairy and creamery operations were successful. Prospecting began in the 1890s, and Brigham City’s first newspaper The Bugler started printing in 1890. In 1892 the city’s water and electricity systems were installed. (From:

Brigham City Utah Temple construction closeup

A crane moves into position a section of the west wall

Brigham City Utah Temple construction

Part of the wall ready to be attached. The tabernacle can be seen to the right

Brigham City Utah Temple east spire

The east spire, minus the angel Moroni

Photo Credit: Jill Willoughby
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