Serf Day

Once in a great while it is Serf Day, where I get to go serfing. No, I don’t get to go to the beach — serf as in vassal. Serfing is done with your wife where for a whole day you do whatever she asks. A wife can also be a serf for a day to her husband unless she feels that she already is.

Serfing works best with independent types who normally can’t be told what to do. If you jump at every whim of your wife then you are already in serfdom and there is no hope for you. Lately it has been difficult to get me to do anything so I am an excellent candidate.


If you are going to do a Serf Day then obviously common sense applies. For example, don’t invoke a Serf Day as you leave for a 12-hour shift at work. Stay in the vicinity so your lady can readily give you assignments. Not that she will need much help in thinking of things for you to do. These ground rules, loosely applied, may help:

Rick and Jill walking

Walking with my lady.

  1. The lady is not told it is a Serf Day.
  2. Hinting can be listened to but there is no obligation to act.
  3. For direct requests in the form of a question you are toast, just be a pleasant peasant.
  4. If your opinion is asked, answer to the advantage of your lady (remember, you are the serf).
  5. There is no obligation to agree to future events.
  6. Cheerfully serve your lady.

Serfdom today began with a request by Lady Jill, “Will you go for a walk with me?” I only walk with her occasionally but today I said, “Sure.” At 6:30am we walked for a short time before my lady headed back before the sun came all the way up. Walking back she said, “Will you help me in the garden?” I said, “Sure.”

Micro Tubing With Bug Plug

Micro tubing with bug plug

My lady is growing a garden this year and she added some micro tubing to run to each plant off the sprinkler system. She wanted to add some more tubing so I started work without vassalating. It wasn’t hard duty. We ran out of 1/8 inch tubing so Jill purchased some 1/4 inch as there was no 1/8 inch left at the store. My last task in the garden was to lay two paving stones in the dirt by the gate.

Other M’Lady Labors

  • “Take the laundry down.” “Yes, M’Lady.”
  • “Take the laundry down.” [second batch]. “Yes, M’Lady.”
  • “Can you do one more project for me? Install this mirror.” “Yes, M’Lady.” It didn’t take very long to hang. “Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all…M’Lady.” Lady Jill bought the mirror for $10 at a garage sale today.
  • “Do you want to go with me to see the neighbor’s new bathrooms?” “Yes, M’Lady.” We are considering overhauling our own bathrooms and want to get some ideas. The neighbors bathrooms had had a complete remake. Very nice tile, new cabinets and sinks, new bath, new shower, and new toilets.
  • “Will you watch a movie with me?” “Yes, M’Lady.” We watched Jane Austen’s “Emma”.


I think it is safe to post this now. It is 11pm. and I have until midnight before this Serf Day ends and I doubt her ladyship will read it before then. Lady Jill said that because I was helping her she had enjoyed her day. I enjoyed the day with her too. I ended up with plenty of time to myself when she stepped out to the garage sale and to take Daniel to apply for his passport. I will have a great Sunday and won’t have to put on my peasant hat until work on Monday.

In the garden with my lady

In the garden with my lady

Rickety signature.

Past Pictures: My Parents

Occasionally I will post Past Pictures. In 1985 I was sent to England by my employer Sperry Corporation to upgrade a Voice Information Processing System. While I was there I visited my parents which turned out to be the last time I would see them. Pictured is me with my stepfather Geoffrey Morris and my mother Sadie. Jake, my #3 son, takes Geoffrey’s name as his middle name. Sadie is a nickname for Sarah which was my honor to name my daughter.

I visited with my brothers Ray and Mike and with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. I stayed with Ray, Susan, and Michelle for a few days and also with my parents. To be with family that you grew up with felt warm and good.

5K Fun Run

Today at 8 am was the Kaysville South Stake 8th Annual 5K “Family Run/Walk”, or sometimes referred to as The Dork Walk. My wife and I participated along with my brother Mike. Here we are before the race.

Start of 5K in 2008 Rick, Jill, Mike

Brian used a computer to register everyone and to record their times at the finish. Last year I ran in 32 minutes so I was trying to beat that time. As my brother registered the lady asked him what age category he was in, 50+ or 60+. Mike got his tag with his name on it and said, “Can I start running now?” It seemed like levity was the order of the day and when I asked her if she would watch my glasses for me she offered to also look after my wallet. Any sort of transportation was allowed so long as it wasn’t motorized.

Brian and assistant registering the runners at the bowery

A wheelchair runner

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Past Pictures: Richard at Eight

Richard at 8

Occasionally I will post Past Pictures. This is my first. It is in the backyard of my home in Weston Estate where I lived for fourteen years. Our family rented a Council House like most everyone else. It was a pleasant home.