Utah Temples Tour: Manti and St George

On this tour I have enjoyed seeing the interior of eleven Utah temples and working for the dead in all of them. Eight of those temples I have never entered before. Jake and Daniel saw nine new temples. Paul seven new temples. Spencer six new temples. And of course we also visited the construction sites of two temples.

Utah Temples Tour: Vernal, Monticello

The celestial room was beautiful. It was quite large, bigger than Ogden. It had a high ceiling and a large painting of Jesus Christ — what one would expect in a celestial room.

Utah Temples Tour: Jordan River, Oquirrh Mountain, Draper, Timpanogos, Provo

The Jordan River temple is so close to the Oquirrh Mountain temple that I got them crossed in Google Maps. After we figured out that a darkened, half built temple with scaffolding was not the Jordan River temple we looked around for a lit temple. Spencer texted Google and we got the address.

Utah Temples Tour Update

We will visit 13 temples in 4 days, completing sessions in 11, and traveling 1,526 miles. On checking the session times it was interesting to find that Provo and Vernal have Monday sessions.